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The workshop will be held on the UC Santa Cruz campus from December 12-14, 2003.

The workshop is sponsored by the following institutions:

  • Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics
  • University of California at Santa Cruz
  • US Department of Energy
  • National Science Foundation
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Discussion Topics

  • e-e- as one Baseline Version of the International Linear Collider
  • Physics Issues Best Studied in e-e- Collisions:
    • Higgs
    • SUSY
    • Strong Symmetry Breaking
    • Compositeness
    • Point Interactions
    • Extended Symmetries
    • Extra Dimensions
    • Massive Majorana Neutrinos
    • Little Higgs
    • Various Exotics
  • Machine, Interaction Region, and Detector Issues
    • Compatibility of e+e- and e-e- Versions
    • Luminosity Optimization
    • Special Needs for eg and gg Interactions
    • Polarization
    • Polarimetery


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By Invitation or Arrangement with the Organizing Committee
For further information, contact:
Zac Peckler, peckler@scipp.ucsc.edu
Phone: 831-459-4875
FAX: 831-459-5777