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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
07:15 Registration and
Continental Breakfast
07:45 Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast
  Opening Session: Introduction and FEL Prize Talks
Alexander van der Meer
High Average Power, Long Wavelength FELs
Gerald Ramian
FEL Oscillators and Storage Ring FELs
Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie
New Concepts
Avraham Gover
Soft and Hard X-Ray FELs: Femtosecond Pulses, Reduced Line Width, Synchronization
Eberhard Jaeschke
08:30Opening Remarks   John GalaydaTUOA001 (Invited) - Design Challenges in High Power Free-Electron Laser Oscillators   Stephen Vincent Benson WEOA001 (Invited) - Feedback Control of Dynamical Instabilities in Classical Lasers and FELs   Serge Bielawski THOA001 (Invited) - Laser Plasma Sources for High Brightness Beams: From THz to X-rays   Wim Leemans FROA001 (Invited) - What to Do with Femtosecond Pulses?   Philip Howard Bucksbaum
08:45Program Information   Claudio Pellegrini and Heinz-Dieter Nuhn
09:00MOOA001 (Invited) - Dream of Isochronous Ring Again   Hiroyuki Hama TUOA002 (Invited) - High Power FEL Amplifiers   Ilan Ben-Zvi WEOA002 (Invited) - Storage Ring Free-Electron Laser Saturation for Chromatic and Achromatic Optics   Masahito Hosaka THOA002 - FEL Applications in EUV Lithography   Michael Goldstein FROA002 (Invited) - Synchronization of Femtosecond Pulses   Axel Winter
09:15THOA003 - Feasibility Study of a Beat-Wave Seeded THz FEL at the Neptune Laboratory   Sven Reiche
09:30TUOA003 - Experimental Observation of Generation of Superradiance Pulses in the Process of Backscattering of Pump Wave on the Intense Electron Bunch   Naum Ginzburg WEOA003 - Lasing and Initial Operation of a Distributed Optical Klystron FEL   Y. K. WuTHOA004 - Femtosecond Synchronism of X-Rays to Visible Light in an XFEL   Bernhard Werner AdamsFROA003 - FERMI @ Elettra: A Seeded Harmonic Cascade FEL for EUV and Soft X-Rays   Carlo Joseph Bocchetta
09:45MOOA002 (Invited) - Optics-Free FEL Oscillator   Vladimir N. Litvinenko TUOA004 - Theory of Coherent Radiation from a Grating-Waveguide Free-Electron Laser   Yen-Chieh HuangWEOA004 - Phase-Space Tomography of Giant Pulses in Storage Ring FEL: Theory and Experiment   Kevin Chalut THOA005 - Harmonic Lasing in an FEL Amplifier   Brian W.J. McNeilFROA004 - Fiber Transmission Stabilization by Optical Heterodyning Techniques and Synchronization of Mode-Locked Lasers Using Two Spectral Lines   John William Staples
10:00TUOA005 - Present Status and Results from the KAERI Compact THz FEL Facility   Young Uk Jeong WEOA005 - TBD THOA006 - A Coherent Compton Backscattering High Gain FEL using an X-Band Microwave Undulator   Sami G. Tantawi FROA005 - Optical Laser Synchronized to the DESY VUV-FEL for Two-Color Pump-Probe Experiments   Harald Redlin
10:15Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
10:30Coffee Break
  The Year of Physics and New Lasing
Jörg Rossbach
FEL Technology I: Accelerators
Max Cornacchia
High Brightness Electron Beams and Diagnostics
David Dowell
Soft and Hard X-Rays FEL: Overview
Stephen Milton
Soft and Hard X-Ray FELs: X-Ray Optics, Detectors, Absorption, Scattering, and Imaging; Closing Remarks
Tetsuya Ishikawa
10:45MOOB001 (Invited) - Einstein: His Impact on Accelerators; His Impact on the World   Andrew Sessler TUOB001 (Invited) - Energy Recovery Linacs   Lia MermingaWEOB001 (Invited) - Electron Beam Characterization at PITZ and the VUV-FEL at DESY   Katja HonkavaaraTHOB001 (Invited) - Reviews of Existing Soft and Hard X-Ray FEL Projects   Alberto RenieriFROB001 (Invited) - Nano-Focusing of XFEL   Tetsuya Ishikawa
11:15MOOB002 (Invited) - First Lasing at 32 nm of the VUV-FEL at DESY   Siegfried Schreiber TUOB002 (Invited) - Accelerator Layout and Physics of X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers   Winfried Decking WEOB002 (Invited) - High Brightness, High Average Current Injector Development at Cornell   Charles Kent Sinclair FROB002 (Invited) - 3D Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy: the Present and the Future   Jianwei (John) Miao
11:30THOB002 (Invited) - Recent Results from SPPS, Including Pump-Probe Timing Measurements   David A. Reis
11:45MOOB003 - First Lasing of the Photon Storage Ring FIR Laser Based on an Exact Circular Tabletop Synchrotron   Hironari Yamada TUOB003 (Invited) - Velocity and Magnetic Compressions in FEL Drivers   Luca SerafiniWEOB003 (Invited) - Pancakes, Waterbags, and Cold Atoms: New Recipes for High-Brightness Electron Beams   Jom LuitenFROB003 (Invited) - Tracking of Wavefronts   Johannes Bahrdt
12:00MOOB004 - Recent Results from the IR Upgrade FEL at Jefferson Lab   Stephen Vincent Benson THOB003 - Characterization of X-Ray FEL Radiation   Richard M. Bionta
12:15MOOB005 - First Lasing of the CAEP FIR-FEL   Ming Li TUOB004 - Bunch Compression Stability Dependence on RF Parameters   Torsten LimbergWEOB004 - Maximizing Brightness in Photoinjectors   Cecile Limborg-DepreyFROB004 - Diffraction Simulations of the LCLS FEL Pulse on Crystals   Sven Reiche
12:30Lunch BreakConcluding Remarks J. Galayda, I. Lindau
13:00Lunch Break
13:45 Monday Afternoon Poster Session
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Tuesday Afternoon Poster Session
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Monterey Bay Excursion/Banquet

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Thursday Afternoon Poster Session
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  High Gain, Single Pass FELs
Takashi Tanaka
FEL Technology II: Undulators
Jong-Seok Oh
FEL Theory
Luca Giannessi
15:45MOOC001 (Invited) - Non-Linear Pulse Evolution in Seeded Free-Electron Laser Amplifiers and in Free-Electron Laser Cascades   Luca GiannessiTUOC001 (Invited) - In Vacuum Undulators   Takashi Tanaka (15:45-16:10)
THOC001 (Invited) - Recent Progress in High-Gain FEL Theory   Zhirong Huang (Ming Xie memorial talk)
THOC002 - Quantum Theory of SASE-FEL with Propagation Effects   Rodolfo Bonifacio
16:15(16:15-16:35) MOOC002 - PAX-XFEL Project   In Soo KoTUOC002 (Invited) - Undulator Systems and Photon Dignostic Plans for the European XFEL Project   Joachim Pflueger
16:30(16:30 - 16:50)
THOC003 - Schemes of Superradiant Emission from Electron Beams and "Spin-Flip Emission of Radiation"   Avraham Gover
16:35(16:35-16:55) MOOC003 - Radiation Spectrum Statistics in a High-Gain Free-Electron Laser at 266 nm   Timur Shaftan
16:45TUOC003 - Magnetic Properties of Vacuum Chamber Materials for the Linac Coherence Light Source   Soon-Hong Lee 
16:50(16:50 - 17:10)
THOC004 - Dispersion, Attenuation, and Superradiance in Smith-Purcell Free-Electron Lasers   Charles A. Brau
16:55(16:55-17:15) MOOC004 - Seeding the FEL of the SCSS Phase 1 Facility with the 13th Laser Harmonic of a Ti: Sa Laser (61.5 nm) Produced in Xe Gas   Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie for Guillaume Lambert 
17:00TUOC004 - Peak Fields of Nb3Sn Superconducting Undulators and a Scaling Law   Suk Hong Kim
17:10 (17:10 - 17:30)
THOC005 - High Gain FEL Oscillators: Inclusion of Pulse Propagation Effects   Giuseppe Dattoli
17:15(17:15-17:35) MOOC005 - Statistical Properties of the Radiation from VUV-FEL at DESY (Femtosecond Mode of Operation)   Mikhail Yurkov TUOC005 - TDB