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Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier

November 30 - December 2, 2011

Rockville, MD

This workshop is an opportunity for the scientific community to identify the physics potential of the Intensity Frontier. Starting in September 2011, six working groups will study and begin to document the full spectrum of opportunities for fundamental physics at the Intensity Frontier and identify the necessary facilities to execute such a program.

The workshop is open to the broader particle and nuclear physics community and the working groups will expect and solicit input from the community. This exercise will continue during October and November 2011, with smaller topical workshops and meetings organized by the working groups. The workshop from Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2011 will be another opportunity for community input and the workshop will conclude with the preliminary findings of the working groups.

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Final Report and Brochure

The final scientific report detailing the workshop results, and an accompanying Particle Physics at the Intensity Frontier brochure, are now available for download.

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Charge Letter

Particle physics is frequently characterized as having three experimental frontiers, the energy, intensity, and cosmic frontiers. Intensity frontier experiments are those that use rare processes to probe for new physics.

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Working Group Collaboration Sites

The working groups each have a collaboration webpage that details progress on the working group report. Entry to these pages is password protected. Login and passwords may be obtained from the working group conveners.

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