Linear Collider Simulation Workshop

May 19 - 22, 2003

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With the recent passage of the omnibus spending bill and the expectation that some number of the university detector R&D projects will be funded by DOE and NSF, we expect that new groups will be joining the linear collider simulation effort. In addition, there have been some recent advances in the simulation tools of which we would like to inform the community. We are, therefore, planning a small workshop at SLAC devoted to presentations, tutorials and working meetings related to simulation efforts.

The workshop will take place May 19-22, 2003, with the following tentative topics:

bulletGEANT4 -- New/improved simulation tools for linear collider physics
bulletJAS3 and hep.lcd -- The next major release of Java based linear collider analysis tools.
bulletLCDROOT -- Root based tools for LCD data analysis
bulletWIRED -- A general purpose customizable event display
bulletAIDA -- Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis -- (a new HEP histograming/analysis standard)
bulletLCIO -- A new international standard for linear collider IO
bulletFull Reconstruction
bulletEnergy Flow algorithms
bulletDetector models

Workshop Organizers

bulletNorman Graf (
bulletTony Johnson (
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