International ATF2 proposal
(Final Focus and Photon Facilities at KEK ATF)
for the
International Linear Collider

January 5, 2005



Prior to the MDI workshop, a one-day meeting will be devoted to developing the international ATF2 proposal.

The goal of the proposed ATF2 facility is to get experience obtaining and maintaining small beam size with compact final focus optics, achieve 35-nm spotsize,  develop test area for ILC instrumentation, and to create a facility to train young physicists.

The Workshop will focus on

  1. Review goals and capabilities of the ATF2
    1. The overall need, in terms of TRC and ITRP decisions
    2. Discussion of FFTB results and limitations
    3. Considerations of possible non-ILC difficulties at ATF2 and how to mitigate these
    4. Discussion of the overall international distribution of test facilities
    5. Discussion of interplay with other proposals, such as End Station A beam tests
  2. Review overall design
    1. Compare & optimize optics design
    2. Flexibility of design and layout constraints
    3. Tolerances, magnets, power supply, controls
  3. Review pre-requirements needed for ATF2 to run, e.g.
    1. Production of ILC-like extracted train
    2. => Damping ring kicker development
    3. Nano-BPM for IP position control
  4. Review instrumentation needed during ATF2 run
    1. Accommodation of Shintake-style beam size monitor to ATF2 train format & energy
    2. Laser wire, fast feedback, beamline BPMs
    3. Stabilization of quads or BPMs
    4. Procedures of tuning and spot size measurements
  5. Review goals of the Photon facility at ATF
  6. Cost, resources, expressions of interests
  7. Search for a name for ATF2

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