About SSI

The SLAC Summer Institute is an annual event held in Kavli Auditorium at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in July-August. The exact dates of SSI change from year to year. The Institute is a two-week-long Summer School.  Lectures are given Monday through Friday.  Each morning session has three one-hour lectures.  The afternoons contain a mixture of topical talks and discussion sessions. In the evenings, there are social activities and student poster sessions. The lectures in the morning are intended to be pedagogical.  This is a truly unique event that allow students and researchers to interact in such a way that enlightens everyone involved.

Most of the SSI participants are senior graduate students and new postdocs in particle physics and astrophysics.  About half of the audience will be particle physicists and half astrophysicists.  Some senior physicists attend also.

The SLAC Summer Institute is hosted by Stanford University and co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. SLAC is located west of the Stanford Campus and approximately 33 miles south of San Francisco.