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Program for Annual SSRL and LCLS Users’ Meeting and Workshops

Special Symposium: The Future of X-ray Science

When: Friday-Saturday, September 28-29, 2007
Location: SLAC Kavli Auditorium
Organizers: Anders Nilsson (SSRL) & Hans Siegmann (SSRL)
Administrative Contact: Amy Rutherford

Friday, September 28th 2007

8:30 am Registration and Refreshments  
Scientific Areas I:  Anders Nilsson, Chair
9:00 am Welcome: Anders Nilsson and Hans Siegmann  
9:10 am Complex Quantum Matter - An X-ray Photoelectron Perspective: Zhi-Xun Shen, Stanford University/SLAC  
9:50 am New Basic Understanding and Opportunities for Applications of Magnetism: Hans Siegmann, SLAC  
10:30 am Break  
10:50 am Ultrafast X-ray Science: Phil Bucksbaum, Stanford University/SLAC  
11:30 am Molecular Environmental and Interface Science - Applications of Synchrotron X-rays to Pollutants and Their Interactions at Environmental Interfaces: Gordon Brown, Stanford University/SLAC  
12:10 pm Lunch  
Scientific Areas II:  Hans Siegmann, Chair
1:20 pm Challenges for the Future - Water and Energy: Anders Nilsson, SLAC  
2:00 pm Pushing the Limits of Macromolecular Crystallography at Low Resolution: Axel Brunger, Stanford University/SLAC  
2:40 pm Break  
X-ray Techniques and Novel Applications I:  Gordon Brown, Chair
3:00 pm X-ray Microscopy: Janos Kirz, LBNL  
3:40 pm X-ray Microscopy without Lenses at Bright Sources: Jan Lüning, University of Paris  
4:20 pm Science with Soft X-ray FELs - Recent Results from FLASH and Perspectives: Wilfried Wurth, University of Hamburg/DESY  
5:00 pm Future Opportunities in Chemistry Using the Combination of Strong THz Fields and X-rays: Hirohito Ogasawara,  SLAC  
5:40 pm Reception  

Saturday, September 29th 2007

X-ray Techniques and Novel Applications II:  Howard Padmore, Chair
9:00 am Instant Photography: A Personal Perspective on LCLS Science: Jerome Hastings, SLAC  
9:40 am A Soft X-ray FEL with High Rep Rate and Attosecond Capabilities: Howard Padmore, LBNL  
10:20 am Break  
New Directions and X-ray Sources:  Jerome Hastings, Chair
10:40 am Science with Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy at Future Sources: Gopal Shenoy, ANL  
11:20 pm SSRL - A Quick Look Back and a View to the Future: Ingolf Lindau, SLAC  
12:00 pm Lunch  
New Directions and X-ray Sources II:  Gopal Shenoy, Chair
12:50 pm Rapid-Scan XRF Imaging - New Opportunities not just for Old Objects: Uwe Bergmann, SLAC  
1:30 pm Final Discussion: Jo Stöhr, SLAC  
2:30 pm Adjourn  

Joint SSRL/ALS Workshop: Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation Techniques

When: Sunday, September 30, 2007
Location: SLAC Panofsky Auditorium
Organizers: Karen McFarlane Holman (Willamette University - & Andrew Doran (Advanced Light Source -
Administrative Contact: Cathy Knotts

Sunday, September  30th,  2007

11:00 am Registration and Refreshments  
11:30 am Introduction: Karen McFarlane Holman (Willamette University) and Andrew Doran (ALS)  
11:40 am An Introduction to Hard X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy: John Bargar, SSRL presentation
12:20 pm Resonant and Non Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering: Uwe Bergmann, SSRL presentation
1:00 pm In Situ XPS for Environmental Science and Catalysis: Susumu Yamamoto, SSRL presentation
1:40 pm Protein Crystallography and Synchrotron Radiation: Clyde Smith, SSRL presentation
2:20 pm Break  
2:40 pm Ultrafast Synchrotron X-ray Techniques: Yves Acremann, SLAC (Pulse Center)  
3:20 pm Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy: Mary Gilles, ALS  
4:00 pm Spectromicroscopy and NEXAFS - Domains, Chemistry, and More: Andreas Scholl, ALS presentation
5:00 pm Reception (User Meeting Pre-Registration Reception)  

SSRL/LCLS Users' Meeting

When: Monday-Tuesday, October 1-2, 2007
Location: SLAC Panofsky Auditorium
Organizers: Robert Szilagyi (Montana State U.) & Hiro Ogasawara (SSRL)
Administrative Contact: Cathy Knotts

Monday, October 1st , 2007

8:00 - 10:45 am Session 1: Opening Remarks
8:00 am Welcome and Introductions – Robert Szilagyi, Montana State University (Session Chair)  
8:05 am  SSRL Users’ Organization Highlights – Chris Kim, Chapman University  
8:15 am Message from SLAC Director – Persis Drell, Acting SLAC Director  
8:30 am SSRL Update – Jo Stöhr, SSRL Director  
9:15 am LCLS Update / Planning for the LCLS User Program and Operations– John Galayda, LCLS Director  
10:15 am DOE BES Perspective – Pat Dehmer, DOE Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences  
10:30 am Washington Update/Activism/Support for BES User Facilities - Mike Lubell, American Physical Society presentation
10:45 am Break & Exhibitor Displays  
11:00 - 12:30 pm Session 2: Recent Developments/New Opportunities at SSRL
11:00 am Introduction – Session Chair: Jo Stöhr, SSRL  
11:05 am  Macromolecular Crystallography in the 21st Century: Mike Soltis, SSRL  
11:15 am Discussion  
11:25 am New Opportunities in Molecular Environmental and Interface Sciences: John Bargar, SSRL  
11:35 am Discussion  
11:45 am Inelastic X-ray Scattering and Advanced Spectroscopy at SSRL: Uwe Bergmann, SSRL  
11:55 am Discussion  
12:05 pm A High Resolution Hard X-ray Bio-imaging Facility at SSRL: Piero Pianetta, SSRL  
12:15 pm Discussion  
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch/Vendor Exhibits (tent)
1:00-1:30 pm Poster Data-Blitz (poster presenters will give 2-4 minute summary of their posters during this open mic session in the tent)
1:30-3:00 pm Session 3: Science Highlights I - Young Investigators
1:30 pm Introduction – Chair: Chris Kim, Chapman University  
1:35 pm XAS and XRF Combined Yield New Insight into the in vivo Roles of Cr, Hg and Cu: Hugh Harris, University of Adelaide (Spicer Young Investigator Award)  
1:55 pm Discussion  
2:00 pm Structural Basis for Glycyl Radical Formation by Pyruvate Formate-lyase Activating Enzyme: Jessica Vey, MIT (Klein Professional Development Award)  
2:20 pm Discussion  
2:25 pm Confounding Impacts of Iron Reduction on Arsenic Retention: Kate Tufano, Stanford University presentation
2:35 pm Discussion  
2:40 pm Lensless Imaging with Multiple-wavelength Resonant Coherent Scattering: Andreas Scherz, Stanford University  
2:50 pm Discussion  
2:55 pm Theoretical and Ultrafast X-ray Diffraction Studies of Crystal Stability in Highly Excited InSb: Pat Hillyard, Stanford University  
3:05 pm Discussion  
3:10 pm Break & Exhibitor Displays  
3:30-5:00 pm Session 4: Science Highlights II
3:30 pm Introduction – Session Chair: Hirohito Ogasawara, SSRL  
3:35 pm How a Single T Cell Receptor Recognizes Both Self and Foreign MHC: Leremy Colf, Stanford University  
3:50 pm Discussion  
3:55 pm Update on X-ray Scattering Capabilities at SSRL: Mike Toney, SSRL presentation
4:10 pm Discussion  
4:15 pm Pseudogap and Superconducting Gap in High-Tc Superconductors: Zhi-Xun Shen, Stanford University/SLAC  
4:30 pm Discussion  
4:35 pm Ultrafast Nonlinear THz Control of Carrier Dynamics: Aaron Lindenberg, PULSE  
4:50 pm Discussion  
5:00-7:00 pm Session 5: Poster Session (tent)
6:00-7:00 pm Reception (tent)

Tuesday, October  2nd, 2007

8:30-9:35 am Session 6: Focus on Structural Biology
8:30 am Introduction – Session Chair: Britt Hedman, SSRL  
8:35 am Structure of the Photosynthetic Mn4Ca Cluster Using X-ray Spectroscopy: Junko Yano, LBNL presentation
8:50 am Discussion  
8:55 am Solution Structure and Thermodynamics of Functional RNA Studied by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering: Jan Lipfert, Stanford University presentation
9:10 am Discussion  
9:15 am Femtosecond Diffractive Imaging of DNA Nanostructures: Marvin Seibert, Uppsala University  
9:30 am Discussion  
9:35 am Break & Exhibitor Displays  
9:45-10:40 am Session 7: Focus on Material and Environmental Science
9:45 am Introduction – Chair: Piero Pianetta, SSRL  
9:50 am Characterizing the Speciation, Distribution, and Correlations of Heavy Metals in Mine Wastes: Chris Kim, Chapman University presentation
10:05 am Discussion  
10:10 am Size Dynamics, Strain Effects, and Surface Reactivity of Pt Bimetallic Nanoparticle Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts: Peter Strasser, University of Houston   
10:25 am Discussion  
10:30 am Break & Exhibitor Displays  
10:45-12:05 pm Session 8: Focus on LCLS Science
10:45 am LCLS Science overview – Chair: Phil Bucksbaum, PULSE  
11:00 am AMO Science: Louis DiMauro, Ohio State University  
11:15 am Discussion  
11:20 am Coherent X-ray Imaging: Janos Hajdu, SLAC  
11:35 am Discussion  
11:40 am Femtochemistry/Pump Probe: Kelly Gaffney, SSRL presentation
11:55 pm Discussion  
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch/Vendor Exhibits
1:00-2:05 pm Session 9: Focus on LCLS Instrumentation
1:00 pm Introduction – Chair: John Arthur, LCLS  
1:05 pm The AMO Science End-station for LCLS: John Bozek, LCLS presentation
1:20 pm Discussion  
1:25 pm Nanoparticle Diffractive Imaging Using Free-Electron Lasers: Sebastien Boutet, LUSI presentation
1:40 pm Discussion  
1:45 pm The X-ray Pump-Probe Instrument at the LCLS: David Fritz, LUSI presentation
2:00 pm Discussion  
2:05 pm Break & Exhibitor Displays  
2:30-5:00 pm Users’ Organization Meeting (Kavli Auditorium)
SSRL and LCLS user community encouraged to participate in the users’ organization meeting.
2:30 pm SSRL Users’ Organization Executive Committee – Chris Kim, Robert Szilagyi
2:35 pm Tips on Communicating Science to the Public – Mike Lubell presentation
3:00 pm User Feedback (How can we better meet user needs? What issues are important to users? What questions should be included in 2008 user survey?) – Robert Szilagyi  
3:30 pm Discuss Formation of LCLS User Community – Jerry Hastings  
4:15 pm Draft LCLS User Access Policy  
5:00-5:45 pm Reception/Vendor Exhibits
5:45-6:30 pm Keynote Presentation by Roger D. Kornberg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Stanford University (Panofsky Auditorium)
6:30-6:45 pm Award Presentations (Panofsky Auditorium)
  • Lytle Award
  • Outstanding Poster Presentations
6:45-7:30 pm Dinner (tent)
7:30- 8:30 pm  Kyler England in Concert (tent)