Preliminary Agenda

Day 1
8:00 Breakfast
Welcome and overview session
8:30 Welcome note (R. Blandford - KIPAC)
8:40 Current status of the field and future directions (W. Hofmann - MPI-K Heidelberg) pdf
9:10 Summary of the White Paper (H. Krawczynski - Washington University) pdf
9:40 Discussion
10:00 Coffee Break
Science Session
10:40 Galactic talk - Top 10 Science Questions (S. Funk, KIPAC) pdf
11:10 Extragalactic talk - Top 10 Science Questions (P. Coppi – Yale) pdf
11:40 New physics talk - Top 10 Science Questions (L. Bergstrom - Stockholm University) pdf
12:10 The connection to GLAST (O. Reimer - Stanford University) pdf
12:40 Lunch break
Projects session:
14:30 HAWC (B. Dingus - Los Alamos National Lab) pdf
15:00 AGIS (J. Buckley - Washington University) pdf
15:30 CTA (M.Martinez – IFAE Barcelona) pdf
16:00 Status of the Japanese Gamma-ray Community (T. Tanimori - Kyoto University). pdf
16:30 Other ideas for Gamma-ray instruments (S. LeBohec - University of Utah) pdf
17:00 Coffee Break
17:30 Technical challenges and parameters for a future design (S. Swordy - University of Chicago) pdf
18:00 Wrap up and social event
Day 2:
8:30 Breakfast
Technical Session
9:00 Wide field of view instruments and secondary optics (V. Vassiliev - UCLA) pdf
9:25 Monte Carlo Studies for CTA (K. Bernloehr – MPIK Heidelberg) pdf
9:50 Monte Carlo Studies for a future instrument (S. Fegan - UCLA) pdf
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Survey instrument (G. Sinnis - Los Alamos National Lab) pdf
11:10 Backend electronics and readout (H. Tajima – SLAC) pdf
11:35 Triggering etc. (F. Krenrich - Iowa State University) pdf
12:00 Current and future Photodetectors for AGIS (Bob Wagner – ANL) pdf
12:25 Photodetectors in gamma-astronomy (M. Teshima – MPIP Munich) pdf
12:50 Lunch Break
14:00 Future of Space-based Gamma-Astronomy (N. Gehrels - NASA/GSFC) pdf
AGIS Session (3pm-6pm) devoted to AGIS collaboration and future R&D proposals
15:00 Opening comments (V. Vassiliev)
15:30 Short presentations (1 transparency) of visions for the future instrument (discussion moderated by J. Buckley)
16:00 General discussion of AGIS collaboration issues: International collaboration, schedule for collaboration meetings, timescale for proposals, possible site (north versus south).
16:30 Presentation on optimization of design parameters for an array of IACTs (S. Bugaev) pdf
16:40 The Low Energy Array of A Major Future VHE Gamma-Ray Experiment (A. Konopelko) pdf
16:50 Discussion of cost of different camera approaches (H. Tajima) pdf
17:05 Coffee Break
17:20 Discussion of mechanical design and fabrication, schedule (B. Wagner and V. Gaurino)
17:40 Presentation on the SPM site
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