Start Time Duration (mins) Speaker
Topic Presentations
9:00 20 Jacek Becla Welcome
9:20 40 Dirk Duellmann (LHC)
Kian-Tat Lim (LSST)
Examples of future large scale scientific databases
LHC (20 min), LSST (20 min)
The two talks will introduce xldb issues in the context of two scientific communities managing large data sets (High Energy Physics and Astronomy)
10:00 45 Jacek Becla Trends, road-blocks, today's solutions, wishes
Panel discussion, scientific community representatives
Panel will reveal how the scientific community is using and would like to use databases.
10:45 20   coffee break  
11:05 85 Kian-Tat Lim Trends, road-blocks, today's solutions, wishes
Panel discussion, industry representatives
Companies will be given 5 min each to give context for their specific xldb problems followed by discussion of how industry is using and would like to use databases.
12:30 60   lunch  
1:30 15 Andrew Hanushevsky Summary of panel discussions Panel discussion summary
1:45 70 Andrew Hanushevsky Vendor response
Panel discussion, vendor representatives
Directed questions from the moderator reflecting previous discussions, as well as open time. No sales talks please.
2:55 20   coffee break  
3:15 30   Thoughts from academia
Panel discussion, academic representatives
Representatives from academia give their thoughts about preceding discussions, and their vision of how to improve the connection between the research community and practical peta-scale databases.
3:45 60 Richard Mount Future
Round table discussion, all
How to organize xldb-related work most efficiently including leveraging future large scale applications to advance database technology
4:45 15 Jacek Becla Conclusions  
5:00     Adjourn  

Dinner starts at 6:00 pm, see Social Event for directions.