XLDB - Extremely Large Databases

Conference Program

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
08:00 AM Continental Breakfast  
9:00 AM Welcome Amber Boehnlein (SLAC, head of scientific computing) pdf
9:15 AM Conference Introduction, Logistics and Announcements
Main objectives, logistics, agenda, announcements
Jacek Becla (SLAC, XLDB2011 chair) pdf video
Reference Cases from Industry
9:30 AM Industrial Perspective on Tools for Big Data - Introduction
Introduction to the morning session
Kian-Tat Lim (SLAC) pdf video
9:40 AM Real-time Analytics at Facebook
Data management & analytics at Facebook, main focus: HBase
Zheng Shao (Facebook) pdf video
10:05 AM Data Infrastructure at LinkedIn 
Shirshanka Das (LinkedIn) pdf video
10:30 AM Coffee Break
10:55 AM Extreme Analytics at eBay
Data analytics at eBay, main focus: Teradata/Singularity
Thomas Fastner (eBay) pdf video
11:20 AM Youtube Data Warehouse
Latest technologies behind Youtube, including Dremel and Tenzing
Biswapesh Chattopadhyay (Google) pdf video
12:00 AM Industrial Perspective on Tools for Big Data - Discussion Panel
Discussion panel (Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Google)
Moderator: Kian-Tat Lim (SLAC) video
12:30 PM Lunch
Statistics at Scale
1:30 PM Big Data System Metrics - Managing Systems of Extreme Scale
Optimizing extreme scale systems: efficiency metrics, workload management, SLAs vs SLGs, queuing systems, job shops and more
Nachum Shacham (eBay) pdf video
2:00 PM Extremely Large Data Challenges - What R Can and Can't Do
R strengths and weaknesses in peta-scale context, roadmap
Susan Holmes (Stanford Statistics Dept) pdf video
Lightning Talks
2:30 PM Lightning Talks (9 x 5 min)

3:20 PM Poster Session + Ice Creams
4:00 PM Visualizing Large, Complex Data
Challenges related to visualizing large data sets
Kwan-Liu Ma (UC Davis) pdf
4:20 PM Integrated Analysis and Visualization for Data Intensive Science: Challenges and Opportunities
Challenges related to visualizing large data sets
Attila Gyulassy (UC Davis) pdf video
4:40 PM Database Requirements for Visualizing Large Multiscale Simulation Data
Challenges related to visualizing large data sets
Ralf Kaehler (SLAC/Kavli) pdf
5:00 PM Adjourn
5:15 PM SciDB Community Meeting
The SciDB team will hold a 45 minute Community Meeting immediately after the end of the official XLDB program. Registration is not required - everybody is welcome to attend, including these not attending the XLDB conference. Location: ROB building
6:30 PM Reception and dinner

WEDNESDAY, October 19, 2011
08:00 AM Continental Breakfast  
9:00 AM Announcements    
Reference Case from Science
9:05 AM Sequence Read Archive: Validation, Archival, and Distribution of Raw Sequencing Data
Growing pains, unstable formats, privacy issues, and solutions
Eugene Yaschenko (NCBI/NIH) pdf video
9:35 AM Managing the Data Bonanza: Generating, Analysing and Sharing Data for Megasequencing Projects Narayan Desai (ANL) pdf video
10:05 AM Functional Annotation of the Protein Sequence Universe Eugene Kolker (Seattle Children's Hospital) pdf video
10:30 AM Coffee Break
Growing to Large Scale Stories
11:00 AM Drug Discovery in the Era of Big Data Gregory McAllister (Novartis) pdf video
11:30 AM Growing to Large Scale at Netflix Eric Colson (Netflix)  
Short Surveys
12:00 PM Value of Train Scheduling
Is it needed and why?
Daniel Wang (SLAC/LSST) pdf video
12:15 PM Shared-nothing vs Shared-disk?
Can we get away with shared disks at peta scale?
Michael Stonebraker (MIT) pdf video
12:30 PM Lunch
Data Intensive Simulation
1:30 PM In-situ Scientific Data Processing for Extreme Scale Computing
Challenges related to data intensive simulation
Scott Klasky (ORNL) pdf video
Platinum Sponsor Talk
2:15 PM Building Blocks for Large Analytic Systems
Architectural Building Blocks for Extremely Large Analytic Systems
Andrew Lamb (Vertica Systems) pdf video
Lightning Talks
2:30 PM Lightning Talks (9 x 5 min)

3:20 AM Poster Session + Extended Coffee Break
Cloud Computing at Scale
4:00 PM Scaling Up Quickly on the Cloud
Edmond Lau (Quora) pdf video
4:10 PM One Billion Rows a Second: Fast, Scalable OLAP in the Cloud
Michael Driscoll (Metamarkets) pdf video
4:20 PM Cloud Computing at Scale
Roger Barga (Microsoft) pdf video
4:30 PM Questions and Discussion
Moderator: Jacek Becla  
4:45 PM Closeout
Next conference planning, final conclusions and closeout
Jacek Becla pdf
5:00 PM Adjourn
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