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Giving New Physics a Boost

Thursday and Friday, July 9-10, 2009 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Kavli Auditorium
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, California

Many signatures of new physics that could be discovered at the Tevatron or LHC involve highly boosted objects, which can confuse standard event reconstruction techniques due to the overlapping nature of their decay products in the detector. SLAC is hosting a two-day workshop to bring together the leading theorists and experimentalists in order to better understand the physics behind these novel signatures and how to detect them. The list of topics includes "lepton jets", boosted top jets ("t-tagging"), boosted Higgs ("fat-bottom") jets, di-tau jets, displayed-vertex jets, and light-gluino jets. We look forward to presentations and lively discussions.

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Please reserve your room early at Stanford Guest House.
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