SLAC Computer Accounts

Participants will need to have a SLAC computer account. Following the following steps to obtain your SLAC computer account.

  1. Obtain an SID (SLAC ID) number
    • Fill out the SLUO New User Form.
      • On page 1, be sure to check "yes" for "Will you be using any SLAC computing resources", and
      • for "Experiment you will be working on", select "ACD ==> Advanced Computations Department".
      • On page 2, the "SLAC Sponsor" is Cho-Kuen Ng,
      • for "SLAC Group/Department", select "Accelerator Research",
      • for "Starting Date", put 8/28/2009,
      • for "Funding Source", select "None",
      • for "How long will you be working on a SLAC project", select Fixed Term,
      • for "If 'Fixed Term'", use 8/28/2009 and 9/14/2009 as starting and ending dates.
      • Please leave the "SLAC Office information" section blank.
    • After this form has been submitted, you will receive your SID number, which you will need to have before applying for SLAC computer accounts.

  2. Apply for windows and unix computer accounts
    • Before filling out these forms, you must already have your SID number (please see above).
    • The procedure is listed in the Guidelines for Computer Accounts Requests page.
      • Complete step 1.
      • Print and sign the declaration from step 2.
      • Fill out and then print the SLAC Computer Account form in step 3.
        • Leave the "SLAC Location:" boxes empty,
        • fill in the "Off-site Location" section, and
        • check both Windows and Linux under "New Account Type.
        • You can leave "Email Routing" unchecked, and instead request in "Additional Instructions" that your SLAC email be forwarded to your preferred email.
        • The "Computer Czar" is Cho-Kuen Ng, and the group code is "AP".
    • After completing the forms from steps 2 and 3, please mail them both to Cho:
    • Cho-Kuen Ng
      Advanced Computations Department, M.S. 27
      SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
      2575 Sand Hill Road
      Menlo Park, CA 94025
    • Cho will sign, and we will submit the forms directly to SCCS.