• CW09 will be using CUBIT for building CAD models and generating finite-element meshes for the SLAC codes.  The full documentation and code access instructions can be found at the CUBIT website http://cubit.sandia.gov.
  • SLAC ACD Codes

All ACD codes are parallel and based on higher-order finite elements.  More information can be found on our website

Omega3P Frequency domain solver for computing resonant modes (with damping)
S3P Frequency domain solver for evaluating scattering parameters
Track3P Particle tracking code for simulating multipacting and dark current
T3P Time-domain solver for calculating transient effects and wakefields
Pic3P Particle-in-cell code for simulating space charge dominated devices
TEM3P Multi-physics module that includes electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical effects
  • CW09 will be using ParaView to visualize meshes and particle/field data generated by the SLAC codes.  ParaView is open source software freely available for Linux, Mac, and PC and is accessible via http://www.paraview.org/.