Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

AMO Instrument Information

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Science Instrument

The AMO instrument is being designed to utilize soft x-rays from the LCLS in the photon energy range over approximately 800-2000 eV. The instrumentation is designed to study the interaction of the LCLS FEL radiation with the simplest forms of matter, atoms, molecules and clusters. Two fundamental types of interaction are of unique interest at the LCLS: multiphoton and high field ionization where the high peak intensity of the LCLS provides access to unique processes; and short duration processes, where the high temporal resolution of the LCLS pulse will allow temporal processes to be studied.

Design includes:

  • focusing mirrors to achieve a beam size of a few microns in the interaction region
  • an experimental chamber with: - a skimmed pulsed supersonic gas jet
    - three ion spectrometers:
    • »  a Wiley-McLaren type integrating ion spectrometer
    • »  a Velocity Map Imaging ion spectrometer
    • »  a momentum resolving ion spectrometer
    - five time-of-flight electron energy spectrometers
    - two x-ray fluorescence spectrometers
  • Diagnostics chamber including: - effusive gas jet source
    - magnetic bottle time-of-flight electron spectrometer
    - fluorescent beam screens to record position of beam
    - pulse energy monitor