Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

The Symposium is free, but registration is required. The dinner cost is $60. For students/postdocs, the dinner cost is $10.



Rooms are available at the Stanford Guest House. We suggest you make your reservations in advance to ensure availability. There are other local accommodations as well.


  • Jonathan Dorfan (co-chair), SLAC
  • Hassan Jawahery (co-chair), University of Maryland
  • David Hitlin, Caltech
  • John Seeman, SLAC
  • David MacFarlane, SLAC
  • Marcello Giorgi, University of Pisa
  • Francois Le Diberder, IN2P3
  • A.J. Stew Smith, Princeton University
  • David Leith, SLAC
  • George Lafferty, University of Manchester
  • Klaus Schubert, TU Dresden
  • Christopher Hearty, University of British Columbia
  • Kari Horwath, SLAC
  • Donna Hernandez, SLAC
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October 27, 2008
Schwab Residential Center, Vidalakis Hall
Stanford University

A symposium in recognition of the achievements of PEP-II and BABAR is scheduled for October 27, 2008. The program of the symposium will cover a wide range of topics, including a retrospective on bottom, charm and tau physics, PEP-II and BABAR, together with a look forward to the future of heavy flavor physics.

The Symposium precedes the ICFA Seminar on "Future Perspectives in Particle Physics" from 28-31 October and coincides with the BABAR Collaboration Meeting, 26-30 October. Both events take place at SLAC.

The symposium will be followed by a reception at the Schwab Center and by dinner at Ming's Chinese Cuisine in Palo Alto. Free parking is available within walking distance of the Schwab Center and Ming's restaurant.

Attending the symposium is free, but registration is required. The dinner cost is $60. For students and postdocs, the dinner cost is $10. Spouses and accompanying persons are welcome at the symposium and at the dinner.