Accelerator Code Workshop SLAC

SLAC Computer Accounts

Participants will need to have a SLAC computer account. Please complete the following steps to obtain your SLAC computer account.

  • First, obtain an SID (SLAC System ID) number
    • Fill out the SLUO New User Form.
      • On page 1, be sure to check "yes" for "Will you be using any SLAC computing resources", and
      • for "Experiment you will be working on", select "ACD ==> Advanced Computations Department".
      • On page 2, the "SLAC Sponsor" is Cho-Kuen Ng,
      • for "SLAC Group/Department", select "Accelerator Research",
      • for "Starting Date", put 9/14/2010,
      • for "Funding Source", select "None",
      • for "How long will you be working on a SLAC project", select Fixed Term,
      • for "If 'Fixed Term'", use 9/14/2010 and 9/28/2010 as starting and ending dates.
      • Please leave the "SLAC Office information" section blank.
    • After this form has been submitted, you will receive your SID number, which you will need to have before applying for SLAC computer accounts.

  • Then, apply for a SLAC unix account
    • Before filling out these forms, you must already have your SID number (please see above).
    • The procedure is listed in the Guidelines for Computer Accounts Requests page.
      • Complete step 1.
      • Print and sign the declaration from step 2.
      • Fill out and then print the SLAC Computer Account form in step 3.
        • Leave the "SLAC Location:" boxes empty,
        • fill in the "Off-site Location" section, and
        • check both Windows and Linux under "New Account Type.
        • You can leave "Email Routing" unchecked, and instead request in "Additional Instructions" that your SLAC email be forwarded to your preferred email.
        • The "Computer Czar" is Cho-Kuen Ng, and the group code is "AP".
      • After completing the forms from steps 2 and 3, please sign them both, scan them, and email the .pdf files to Cho:  cho@slac.stanford.edu
      • Cho will add his signature, and we will submit the forms directly to SCCS.