Workshop Series Program Outline


First Workshop ( March 16-18, 2004 ), SLAC

Draft report on these topics to be produced by April 9.

Extended Organizing Committee Meeting ( April 20-22, 2004 ), SLAC

Draft report to be produced by May 14

Second Workshop (May 24-26, 2004), Chicago

Final report to be produced by August 15.

Detailed Outlines

First Workshop

Assume 18 schedulable hours (in 3 days)

Focus on:
Time breakdown:

Extended Organizing Committee Meeting - SLAC

Assume 16 schedulable hours

The meeting will be face-to-face and will involve the Organizing Committee members plus any application, CS or industrial participant they decide to invite. This meeting is expected to involve far fewer people than the two workshops.

Focus on designing gap-filling programs of work involving some or all of science applications, CS and industry. The programs should be described in terms of draft program solicitations, including funding. There is only a weak imperative to keep the total cost realistic and multiple approaches to the solution of a problem are encouraged.

Time breakdown:

Second Workshop - Chicago

Assume 16 schedulable hours

Focus on taking the Gap Analysis from the First Workshop, and the ideas from the Extended Organizing Committee meeting, and producing plans that have the consensus support of science applications and computer science. Plans should be formulated in the form of program solicitations identifying the program elements that are designed to meet critical needs and the elements that are designed to address opportunities that must not be missed.

Time breakdown
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