US High Gradient Research Collaboration Workshop 2007   SLAC

Kavli Building
Welcome to the US High Gradient
Research Collaboration Workshop

May 23 - 25, 2007
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Kavli Auditorium
Menlo Park, California

60 Year Anniversary of an Accelerator Milestone

Mark I accelerator section

Mark I accelerator section: Professor William W. Hansen (right) and graduate student William Kennedy. (Image courtesy of SLAC Archives.)

The Workshop on the U.S. High Gradient Research Collaboration for Future Colliders to be held at SLAC May 23-25 of this year happens to coincide with an important anniversary in the history of linear electron accelerators. Almost exactly 60 years ago, groups at T.R.E., Great Malvern in the UK, and at Stanford University in the U.S. for the first time successfully accelerated electrons with disk-loaded waveguides powered initially with S-band magnetrons. more...

Workshop Topics

  • Reports on room temperature structure:
    • Testing at current experimental facilities of existing designs
    • Material characterizations
    • Novel designs
    • Heavily damped structures
  • Status of different test facilities
  • Efforts on modeling and theoretical designs
  • Fundamental research on novel materials for accelerators
  • Collider parameters comparison between cold machines (ILC for example) and warm machines (CLIC for example)
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