US High Gradient Research Collaboration Workshop 2007   SLAC


Celebration of Sixty Years of Accelerated Electrons at Stanford and in the UK

Welcome - Wednesday May 23, 2007

Speaker Affiliation Title Presentation
Persis Drell, SLAC SLAC Welcome  
W. K. H. Panofsky SLAC Opening Statement  
Gregory Loew SLAC “We Have Accelerated Electrons”
The History of our Beginnings at Stanford
Jake Haimson Haimson Research “Historical Notes on UK Linac Technology and Medical Linac Development”  
George Zdasiuk Varian “Accelerators in Medicine: Today and in the Future”  

Experimental Program

Presentations - Wednesday May 23 - 25, 2007

S. Tantawi SLAC HG Research Progress at SLAC [ pdf ]
R. Temkin MIT Progress in High Gradient Accelerator Research at MIT [ pdf ]
S. Matsumoto KEK Status of KEK X-band Test Facility and its Future Plans [ pdf ]
L. Ives CCR Gyroklystron Research at CCR [ pdf ]
V. Yakovlev Omega-P, Inc. 45 MW, 22.8 GHz Second-Harmonic Multiplier for High-Gradient Tests [ pdf ]
J. Haimson HRC A High Efficiency 17GHz TW Choppertron [ pdf ]
J. Hirshfield Yale Status of Ka-Band Test Facility at Yale [ pdf ]
 S. Gold NRL Development and Testing of Advanced Accelerator Structures and Technologies at 11.424GHz [ pdf ]
A. Grudiev CERN CLIC Main Linac Accelerating Structure Optimization [ pdf ]
J. Norem ANL Recent Developments in High Gradient RF  
M. Furman LBNL Plans for HG Breakdown Effort at LBNL [ pdf ]
P. Wilson SLAC Formation of Taylor cones on a Molten Metal Surface Followed by Ion Injection into the Vacuum [ pdf ]
C. Jing Euclid Progress Toward the External Powered High Gradient DLA Structures [ pdf ]
A. Kanareykin Euclid Advanced Materials for High Gradient Dielectric Based Accelerator [ pdf ]
V. Dolgashev SLAC High Power Tests of Single Cell Structures [ pdf ]
A. Fukusawa UCLA High Gradient, High Average Power Structure Development at UCLA and Univ. Rome in X- and S- band [ pdf ]
J. Power ANL High Gradient Tests of Dielectric Wakefield Accelerating Structures [ pdf ]
V. Yakovlev Omega-P, Inc. HG Two-beam Wake Field Accelerator using a  Two-channel Rectangular Dielectric Structure [ pdf ]
A. Canabal LANL Status of LANL Activities [ pdf ]
S. Tantawi SLAC Superconducting Material Testing at SLAC  
N. Abdelali L’Institut Superieur de Information    
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