ILC Interaction Region Engineering Design WorkshopSLAC


To review and advance the design of the subsystem of the Interaction Region of ILC, focusing in particular on their integration, engineering design and arrangements for push-pull operation. The tentative list of topics/sessions includes:

  • Accelerator physics & optics design and constraints on IR engineering design, on alignment tolerances and stability for the IR components and IR hall floor.
  • IR engineering design experience from existing machines.
  • Detector design for on-surface assembly and underground assembly procedures.
  • Cryogenic system design, connections, flexible cryo lines, safety issues.
  • Design solutions to meet alignment and vibration tolerances.
  • IR hall design, cranes, services, shafts, service caverns, utilities, movable shielding.
  • IR magnet engineering design, support, integration with IR, masks, Luminosity & Beam calorimeters, design of IR vacuum chamber, connection to elements, assembly-disassembly procedures, integration of near IR masks and overall integration of crab cavity.
  • IR hall electronics hut, counting rooms, cable plant.
  • Masking and collimation.
  • Beamline pacman shielding, detector shielding design, movable IR hall shielding.
  • Image Charges, Wakes, and External Radiation.
  • Design of detector structure, its support, the moving mechanism, alignment and guiding.

These issues will be discussed at plenary sessions and in the four working groups. The format of the workshop is mixed - plenary, with some number of split sessions, that allow more detailed discussion, work with 3d cad drawings, making sketches, and so on. The findings of split sessions are to be reported and discussed on the same day or next day.

Registration is necessary to participate in the workshop.
Registration fee is $30 and reception fee is $20. Registration closed
A hosted dinner will be on Wednesday, September 19, at 6:00 pm at Hunan Garden, 3345 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Please email Naomi Nagahashi to let her know if you are attending the dinner.