LARP Mini-Workshop on Beam-Beam Compensation 2007   SLAC




Monday, 2 July 2007

  Speaker Talk
1 F. Zimmermann, CERN Beam-Beam Effects for LHC and LHC Upgrade Scenarios
2 K. Ohmi, KEK Beam-Beam Performance of B Factories
3 A. Valishev, FNAL Tevatron Beam-Beam Phenomena and Counter-Measures
4 W. Fischer/C. Montag, BNL A New Working Point for Polarized Protons in RHIC
5 A. Kabel, SLAC (What) Can We Learn from Beam-Beam Proton Machine Simulations?
6 A. Valishev, FNAL Simulations that Explain and Predict Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron
7 J. Qiang, LBNL Beam-Beam Simulations for RHIC and LHC
8 K. Ohmi, KEK Crab Crossing at KEKB
9 Y. Alexahin, FNAL Coherent Beam-Beam Effects at Hadron Colliders
10 Y. Cai, SLAC Unexplained Phenomena in Lepton Machines

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

  Speaker Talk
11 V. Kamerdzhiev, FNAL Beam-Beam Compensation with Tevatron Electron Lenses
12 U. Dorda, CERN LHC with Long-Range Compensation
13 C. Milardi, LNF-INFN DAΦNE Lifetime Optimization with Octupoles and Compensating Wires
14 F. Zimmermann, CERN Open Issues from the SPS Long-Range Experiments
15 N. Abreu, BNL Effects of a DC Wire on the RHIC Au Beams
16 H.J. Kim/T. Sen, FNAL Simulation of RHIC Experiments (Beam-Beam Simulation for RHIC Wire Compensator)
17 U. Dorda, CERN Simulation of RHIC Experiments
18 T. Pieloni, CERN Beam-Beam Tune Spectra in RHIC and LHC
19 J.-P. Koutchouk, CERN Beam-Beam Aspect of a Possible LHC Early Separation Scheme
20 U. Dorda, CERN Technological Issues of Wire Compensators

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

  Speaker Talk
21 E. Tsyganov, UT Southwestern Electron Beams for Compensation of Beam-Beam Effect in Hadron Colliders - Early Works
22 W. Scandale, CERN Head-On Compensation in LHC
23 V. Shiltsev, FNAL Electron Lenses for the LHC
24 Y. Luo, BNL RHIC Head-On Beam-Beam Compensation with e-lens
25 V. Kamerdzhiev, FNAL Technological Aspects of Electron Lenses, Errors and Control
26 W. Fischer Discussion Summary

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