Linear Collider Simulation Workshop

May 19 - 22, 2003

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Workshop Program

The workshop is split between scheduled talks and hands-on tutorial sessions. We have deliberately left plenty of spare time to allow us to schedule extra sessions, have informal discussions, or to give people extra time to try using the software.

Location: Monday mornings session will be in the SLAC auditorium (come early or the seats may all be gone). Other morning sessions will be in the SLAC orange room. The afternoon tutorial sessions will be held in the SCS training center (1st floor computer building).

Monday May 19

Time Topic
  9:00 Coffee / Registration
10:00 Welcome (N. Graf) (ppt) (pdf)
10:15 Software Overview (T. Johnson) (ppt) (pdf)
10:30 Introduction to AIDA (V. Serbo) (ppt) (pdf)
11:00 Fitting in AIDA (M. Turri) (ppt) (pdf)
11:30 Using JAS3 and AIDA (T. Johnson) (ppt) (pdf)
12:00 Lunch
  2:00 Hands-on tutorial
  4:00 Tutorial wrap-up

Tuesday May 20

Time Topic
  9:00 LCIO (F. Gaede) (ppt) (pdf)
  9:30 Using JAS3 for LCD Analysis (T. Johnson) (ppt) (pdf)
10:00 Using WIRED for LCD Analysis (M. Dnszelmann) (ppt) (pdf)
10:30 Standard Event Generators (N. Graf) (ppt) (pdf)
10:50 2 ab-1 Standard Model Sample (T. Barklow)  (pdf)
11:10 Pandora (M. Peskin)  (pdf)
11:30 TBA
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Hands-on tutorial
4:00 Tutorial wrap-up
4:30 Future plans (J.Perl) (ppt) (pdf)

Wednesday May 21

Time Topic
 9:00 Geant4 Status and Plans (M. Asai) (ppt) (pdf)
 9:40 Hadronics validation (D. Wright) (pdf)
10:00 Mokka (T. Behnke) (ppt) (pdf)
10:30 LCD - G4 (D. Chakraborty) (pdf) (ps)
11:30 Calorimetry Recon / Energy Flow (S. Magill) (ppt) (pdf)
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Calorimetry Recon / Energy Flow (D. Chakraborty) (ppt) (pdf)
2:30 Hands-on tutorial (Geant4/Mokka/Analysis Tools)
4:00 Tutorial wrap-up

Thursday May 22

Time Topic
 9:00 Cluster ID (G. Bower) (ppt) (pdf)
 9:30 Cluster Analysis (R. Cassell) (ppt) (pdf)
10:00 PFlow/Top Studies (T. Behnke) (ppt) (pdf)
10:30 Tracking in Brahms (K. Harder) (pdf)
11:00 Fast Simulation (W. Langeveld) (ppt) (pdf)
11:30 LCSim Toolkit (hep.lcd & LCDRoot)  (N. Graf) (ppt) (pdf)
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Discussion
4:00 Wrap-up
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