Conference Information
   Stanford, California
   18-22 March 2005

Contact Information
Maura Chatwell, SLAC
2575 Sand Hill Road, MS 58
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Parallel Session Schedule

Session Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
19 March
20 March
21 March
09:00 - 10:3011:00 - 12:3014:00 - 15:30 09:00 - 10:3011:00 - 12:3014:00 - 15:3009:00 - 10:3011:00 - 12:3014:00 - 15:30
AHiggs and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking  X d   X b X bX e X d
BSUSY ParticlesX e X c  X cX a X d   
CNew Physics at TeV Scales and Precision Electroweak Studies X d     X dX fX b  X e
DTop and QCD    X fX g   X f
EGamma-gamma, e-gamma, and e-e- Physics and Technology   X e  X eX e   
FLoop Calculations  X e  X e  X eX c 
GCosmological Connections    X a    X dX a 
HTracking and VertexingX b X a  X b  X bX c X a
ICalorimetry and MuonsX c X b  X a  X cX a X b
JSimulation and Reconstruction X fX d     X bX c
KMachine Detector Interface  X cX d    X d 
LAccelerator Physics Topics X a    X a   
MData Acquisition and Global Detector Network   X f  X f  X f 
OTest Beams     X c     
--Benchmarking  X b       

Room Assignments for Parallel Sessions



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