Conference Information
   Stanford, California
   18-22 March 2005

Contact Information
Maura Chatwell, SLAC
2575 Sand Hill Road, MS 58
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Friday 18 March

The Friday, March 18 sessions will be held in the Cypress Room at the Sheraton Hotel in Palo Alto

TimeTitle: Speaker PSN
 Chair: Charles Baltay 
09:15 Charge : Hitoshi Yamamoto  (Tohoku) 0001
09:45ILC Overview -Management: Barry Barish (Cal Tech) 0002
10:20 ILC Accelerator -Technical: Nicholas Walker  (DESY) 0003
 Chair: Atul Gurtu  
11:15 Report on EPP2010 Panel:  Jonathan Bagger (Johns Hopkins) 0004
11:30 New Models: Savas Dimopolous  (Stanford) 0005
 Chair: Hwanbae Park  
13:30 Detector Concepts: Ties Behnke   (DESY) 0006
14:05 Detector R&D: Wolfgang Lohmann (DESY-Zeuthen) 0007
14:40 Physics Impact of Detector Performance: Tim Barklow  (SLAC) 0008
 Chair: Michael Peskin  
15:40 MDI, Beamline, and Options: Toshiaki Tauchi  (KEK) 0009
16:15 Physics Case for the ILC Options: Kaoru Hagiwara  (KEK) 0010
16:50 The ILC and the LHC: Georg Weiglein  (Durham) 0011
18:30 Reception at McCaw Hall in the Francis C. Arrillaga Alumni Center 
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Saturday 19 March

The workshop will be held at the William R. Hewlett Teaching Center on the Stanford University Campus from Saturday, March 19 through Tuesday, March 22.

TimeTitle: Speaker PSN
08:30Morning coffee 
09:00-10:30Parallel Session, Track 1 
11:00-12:30Parallel Session, Track 2 
14:00-15:30Parallel Session, Track 3 
 Chair: Peter Zerwas  
16:00 ILC Communications:  Karsten Buesser (DESY) 0012
16:20 Cosmology and the LC: Jonathan Feng  (Irvine) 0013
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Sunday 20 March

TimeTitle: Speaker
08:30Morning coffee
09:00-10:30Parallel Session, Track 4
11:00-12:30Parallel Session, Track 5
14:00-15:30Parallel Session, Track 6
15:30Board busses
15:45Busses leave for banquet
17:30Hornblower Dinner Cruise
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Monday 21 March

08:30Morning coffee 
09:00-10:30Parallel Session, Track 7 
11:00-12:30Parallel Session, Track 8 
14:00-15:30Parallel Session, Track 9 
 Chair: Rolf Heuer  
16:00 Benchmarks report/discussion  
16:30 Detector Concepts File 1, File 2, File 3:  TBD  
17:00 Vertex Detectors and the LC: Chris Damerell  (Rutherford) 0014
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Tuesday 22 March

TimeTitle: Speaker PSN
08:00Morning coffee 
 Chair: Sachio Komamiya  
08:30 Higgs and EWSB:  Wolfgang Kilian  (DESY) 0015
08:55 Susy Studies:  Jan Kalinowski  (Warsaw) 0016
09:20 New Physics at TeV scale and Precision Electroweak  :  Steve Godfrey  (Carleton) 0017
09:50 Top and QCD:  Andre Hoang (MPI, Munich) 0018
 Chair: Mark Oreglia  
10:30 Gamma-Gamma, e-gamma, electron-electron physics and technology:  Tohru Takahashi  (Hiroshima) 0019
10:50 Loop calculations:  Kiyoshi Kato  (Kogakuin) 0020
11:05 Tracking and Vertexing:  Jan Timmermans  (NIKHEF) 0021
11:35 Calorimetry and Muons:  Andy White  (Texas, Arlington) 0022
 Chair: Francois Richard  
13:30 Simulation and Reconstruction:  Akiya Miyamoto  (KEK) 0023
13:50 Data Acquisition and GDN:  J.J. Russell  (SLAC) 0024
14:05 Machine-Detector interface:  Tom Markiewicz  (SLAC) 0025
14:20 Test Beam:  Jae Yu  (Texas, Arlington) 0026
14:35 Accelerator Physics:  Philip Bambade (Orsay) 0027
 Chair: David Miller  
15:20 Polarization:  Gudrid Moortgat-Pick  (CERN) 0028
15:35 Cosmology:  Nobuchika Okada  (KEK) 0029
15:50 Concluding Summary: Jonathan Dorfan 0030
20:00Public Lecture at the William R. Hewlett Teaching Center

Speaker: David Gross, 2004 Nobel Prize Laureate. Title:  "The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Physics"

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