Agenda for 8th Annual DOE Laser Safety Officer Workshop

Sessions will be in the SLAC Kavli Auditorium (Building 51, ground floor) unless noted in boldface italics. 
Program is subject to change. 
Speaker information, including titles and abstracts for their talks can be found here.


Tuesday, sEPTEMBER 11, 2012
7:30 Coffee & Refreshments, and Registration

Session 1:
Session Chair: Mike Woods, SLAC
Time Talk Title Speaker Institute
8:30 Welcome to LSO Workshop (pdf) Mike Woods SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
8:40 Welcome to SLAC (pdf) Paul Golan Department of Energy - SLAC Site Office
8:55 The LCLS Free Electron X-Ray Laser - Overview of Facility
and its Science (pdf)
Uwe Bergmann SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:40 LCLS:  User Operation and Laser Safety
in its Experimental Halls (pdf)
Alan Fry SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10:10 Coffee Break
Session 2:  
Session Chair:  Jamie King, LLNL

National Ignition Facility: High Energy Density Science, Ignition and Applications (pdf)

Mike Dunne Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
11:00 Attosecond Laser Systems and Applications (pdf) Adrian Pfeiffer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
11:30 Fiber Lasers:  Technology, Applications and associated Laser Safety (pdf) Jay Dawson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
12:00 The Jefferson Lab FEL:  User Operation and Laser Safety
in its User Labs  (pdf)
Steve Benson Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory
12:30 - 1:45 Lunch
Session 3: 
Session Chair:  Ken Barat, LBNL
1:45 Overview of the DOE's EFCOG Laser Safety Subgroup -
its Role and Work Activities (pdf)
Barb O'Kane National Renewable Energy Laboratory
2:10 Laser Safety at AWE and the Orion High Intensity
Plasma Physics Research Facility (pdf) (paper) (AWE training videos)
Thomas Bett and Graham White Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), United Kingdom
2:45 Panel discussion - Alignment Training and On-the-Job Training (OJT) (pdf) Panel members:  Thomas Bett (AWE, UK), Joanna Casson (LANL), Peter King (CalTech), Ryan Coffee (SLAC)
3:30 Group Photograph (jpg)    
3:40 Coffee Break
Session 4: 
Session Chair:  Cliff Greenberg, Nikon
4:00 Nanoparticle Hazards and Mitigation in Laser Manufacturing (pdf) Dennis Ford Abbott Vascular
4:30 Laser Safety Risks for Service Engineers (pdf) Doug Kresse Coherent, Inc.
5:00 Programmable Fail-to-Safe Control Systems (pdf) Thomas Lieb L*A*I International


wEDNEsday, SEPTEMBER 12, 2012
8:00 Coffee & Refreshments, and Registration

Session 5: 
Session Chair:  LeAnne Amoroso, Stanford U.
Time Talk Title Speaker Institute
8:30 Laser Safety at a Research University (pdf) R. DeWayne Holcomb University of Texas
9:00 UV Laser Radiation:  Skin Hazards and Skin Protection Controls (pdf) Mike Woods SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:30 Laser Pointer Characterization and Evaluation at NIST Joshua Hadler National Institute of Standards and Technology
9:55 Coffee Break
Session 6: 
Session Chair:  Dick Owen, JLAB
10:15 Laser Safety for LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) (pdf) Peter King California Institute of Technology
10:40 Review of Recent Laser Incidents at DOE facilities (pdf) Joanna Casson Los Alamos National Laboratory
11:10 Panel Discussion - Embedded Lasers (pdf) Panel members:  Jamie King (LLNL), Tekla Staley (INL), Cliff Greenberg (Nikon) and Brent Nasca (Honeywell FM&T/KCP)
11:55 - 1:10 Lunch
Session 7: 
Session Chair:  Barbara Sams, Laser Institute of America
1:10 OSHA Inspections (pdf) Jay Jamali Enviro Safetech
1:30 ANSI Z136.1 - Status on Updates for next Revision, and Work by TSC-4 Committee on Control Measures and Training (pdf) Bill Ertle Rockwell Laser Industries
2:00 ANSI Z136.8 - Update on New Standard for Laser Safety in R&D (pdf) Ken Barat Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2:30 Coffee Break
2:45  Board Buses for Tour
3:00 - 5:00 Tour:  Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Experimental Halls and Klystron Gallery    
5:00 - 7:00  Social Event Reception and Vendor Exhibit (Patio-Lawn, adjacent to Cafeteria); this will also include displays of SLAC's laser alignment training course and NIST's laser pointer evaluation    


THURsday, SEPTEMBER 13, 2012
8:00 Coffee & Refreshments

Session 8: 
Session Chair:  Matt Quinn, Fermilab
Time Talk Title Speaker Institute
8:30 Compilation of Lessons Learned Events at SLAC (pdf) Mike Woods SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:00 Accident Investigation - Toxic Byproducts from
Laser Ionizing SF6
Karen Kelley University of Maryland
9:30 Hand Injury from Unexpected Laser Beam during Laser Servicing (pdf) Tekla Staley Idaho National Laboratory
10:00  Coffee Break    
Session 9: 
Session Chair:  Joanna Casson, LANL
10:20 Radiological Dose Rates from Laser-Target Interactions
at 1017 W/cm2 Irradiance (pdf)
Johannes Bauer
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10:50 Key Laser Safety Practices for Supervisors and Managers (pdf) Al Roth Newport Corporation
11:20 Laser Reference Guides-Cradle to Grave (pdf) Ken Barat Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  Appreciation Plaque presented to Ken Barat (photo1, photo2)    
11:50 LSO Workshop Closing Remarks Barb O'Kane National Renewable Energy Laboratory
12:00 LSO Workshop adjourns
  LSO Workshop Evaluation Survey    
1:30 - 4:30 Board of Laser Safety exams for CLSO and CMLSO
(Bldg 28 - Rm 141)
BLS representative Board of Laser Safety
1:15 - 3:30 Coffee Service available (Bldg 28 - Eldorado Room)
1:30 - 5:00 DOE EFCOG-LSSG meeting (Bldg 28 - El Dorado Room) Barb O'Kane  
5:00 EFCOG meeting adjourns    
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