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Scope and Goals

  • Evaluate "experiment impact" of the ILC design. The ILC Design impacts the ILC Detector and Physics, beyond just the delivered luminosity and energy reach. The Machine-Detector Interface (MDI) group needs to evaluate how the ILC design impacts the Experiment (Detector design and physics capabilities) and how the Experimental requirements impact the ILC design.
  • Give input to both the ILC Beam Delivery Group and the World-wide Study for ILC Physics and Detectors regarding critical choices, beam tests, the CDR and the TDR.
  • Address viability and issues for crossing angle choices: head-on, 300-mrad vertical, 2-mrad horizontal, 7-mrad horizontal, 12-25 mrad horizontal
  • Form international sub-groups working on individual topics, and identify available and needed resources.
  • This Workshop is an important milestone:  preparing for the CDR and for subsequent meetings at LCWS (March 2005) and Snowmass (August 2005).

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