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  • A "Mini-Workshop on ATF2" will be held January 5, one day prior to the MDI Workshop.  The ATF2  proposal is being developed to test the compact final focus optics scheme and achieve 35-nm spotsize at KEK's ATF.
  • MDI and Beam Delivery Communication.  Two communication modes have been setup and we will be evaluating how well they work:
         i)  BDS mailing list, hosted by KEK.
         ii) MDI forum, with topics matching those in this Workshop.
  • Please see the Payment Options page.  We encourage payment for registration, reception and Saturday lunch in advance of the Workshop to assist our planning.
  • Visa requirements: to utilize the Visa Waiver Program you MUST have a Machine-Readable Passport (MRP). If you do not have an MRP, you MUST obtain a visa at an embassy/consulate.
  • A Detailed Session Program is now available
  • There will be a BDIR Workshop at Royal Holloway University of London, June 20-23, 2005
  • Photos from the Workshop Opening Session can be found here.