Date: October 17, 2009

Kavli Auditorium at SLAC, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA


8:00 Breakfast Kavli Lobby and Patio
8:25 Welcome Persis Drell
Session 1:  Mustafa Amin, Chair  
8:30 The Blandford Effect Chris McKee
9:00 ADIOS Revisited Mitch Begelman
9:30 Disks, Outflows, and the M Word Arieh Konigl
10:00 Coffee Break Kavli Lobby and Patio
  Session 2:  Marusa Bradac, Chair  
10:30 Jets Annalisa Celotti
11:00 AGN à la Blandford: an Update with an Eye to the Future Paolo Coppi
11:30 Numerical Simulations of Relativistic Jets Ramesh Narayan
12:00 Lunch Panofsky Breezeway and Picnic Area
  Session 3:  Lincoln Greenhill, Chair  
13:05 Magnetar Seismology David Eichler
13:30 Pulsar Radio Emission Mechanisms Maxim Lyutikov
14:00 The micro-eV to Peta-eV Neutron Star Laboratory Roger Romani
14:30 Macro, Micro and Blandford's Rule of Thumb Chris Kochanek
15:00 Tea Kavli Lobby and Patio
  Session 4:  Katherine Blundell, Chair  
15:30 Binary Black Hole Scouring in Elliptical Galaxies Lars Hernquist
16:00 Young Fogeys and Old Turks:  Is cosmology just a plausibility argument? David W. Hogg
16:30 A Man for All Wavelengths John Huchra
17:00 Adjourn  
18:00 Reception in the ballroom at Rosewood Sand Hill

2825 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA

19:00 Dinner at Rosewood Sand Hill