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Abel, Tom KIPAC Roger inspires. Do great research, do ones job, and also do what one even did not yet know ones job really ought to be. Thank you Roger for what you have taught me already and thanks in advance for what you have in stock for us during the next twenty years.
Koopmans, Leon Kapteyn Astronomical Institute Dear Roger,

On my first working day at Caltech I walked into your office and you told me "you do not work for me, I work for you". This one sentence has had great influence on me; your willingness to scientifically inspire people, provide them with new ideas, without self-interest. I would like to thank you for that. I will certainly never forget.

Best wishes,
Volponi, Dana Physics Stanford Univ. Happy Birthday!
Wagoner, Bob Stanford/KIPAC Roger,

You have inspired a generation of astrophysicists with your insightful and rigorous theoretical analyses of a great variety of critical observational problems, as well as your unselfish service to the community. Thank you also for your very effective leadership of the inflationary expansion of astrophysics at Stanford.
Townes, Charles Univ. of California Sorry that I cannot attend the celebration in your honor: I have another critical commitment in the east. This brings congratulations on your past and very best wishes for the future.

Charlie Townes
McCammon, Dan Univ. of Wisconsin Dear Roger

Congratulations, best wishes, and happy birthday! Wish I could be there and be reminded of all the great stuff you do besides leading committees! (but there's all this stuff from some committee that needs to get done . . .)
Wheeler, J. Craig University of Texas at Austin Roger,

It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from you. Here's to many more productive years!

Hogan, Craig University of Chicago, and Fermilab To Roger at sixty, let's raise our glasses! To black holes, jets, plasmas, and gravity classes; the journey from Cambridge to Caltech, then SLAC; to Stanford and KIPAC from Rees and Dirac. All of the agencies now take their cue from Roger's wise tips in the Senior Review; The Blandford Report in o-ten is awaited, by NASA officials enrapt, their breath bated. The Scientists' scientist, Roger will show us which projects are better, which ones dinosaur-ish. From down in his bunker he'll send his decision for this or that fabulous, billion-buck mission. So toast, everyone, to note what a great day this is!--- to celebrate Roger, our best astrophysicist.

Happy birthday. As soon as my health improves I hope to deliver my wishes in person.

Henry, Pat Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii Congratulations. I wish I could extend my good wishes in person, but a good friend is getting married on the same day. I hope you have a joyous celebration.
Maraschi, Laura INAF- Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera Dear Roger,

I cannot be present, unfortunately, to your birthday celebration, but I feel honored just to be invited! Besides your outstanding achievements I appreciate your kindness and wish you many more years of science and success,

Happy Birthday,
Holt, Steve Olin College Dear Roger:

Sorry that I can't be present for your birthday celebration. I'm sure that all the invitees to the celebration are very familiar with your personal scientific contributions, but I expect that most aren't fully cognizant of the time and energy that you've devoted to providing opportunities for others. There is nothing more tedious than advisory committee work, and you've done more than your share. I'm glad to have this opportunity to thank you for all of your patient and effective contributions over many years.

With warmest regards,
Bahcall, Neta Princeton University Dear Roger,

I am delighted to share in your wonderful celebration -- even from afar; I am with you in spirit and in my thoughts. I know you will have a terrific symposium and a fun celebration -- for a terrific scientist and a good friend.

Congratulations and warmest regards,
Neta Bahcall
Barwick, Steve UC Irvine Thank you for the invitation. It is quite flattering. I regret that I cannot join you on this significant occasion, but wish you the very best. Just a short anecdote. I first met you at a conference held in Sweden in 1998, and I remember your talk to this day. At the time, I had been working in the field of high energy neutrinos and cosmic rays for the bulk of my short career, and I had grown a bit blaze' about the energies of particles we were looking for. You merely pointed out that cosmic rays with energies equivalent to a well struck cricket ball can hardly be called "conventional", and any theory trying to explain this fact was far from "conventional". It was good to "reset" my thinking, and I have kept it in mind ever since.
Ong, Rene UCLA Dear Roger:

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on all of your many scientific achievements than span such a wide range of topics in astronomy and astrophysics. And many thanks from someone who values your remarkable leadership in determining (in a generally rational manner!) a balanced program of experiments and telescopes in the U.S. It's been a pleasure to work with you over the years and I am sorry that I cannot make your celebration in person.

best regards,
Tananbaum, Harvey Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Dear Roger,

60 is of course just a number and not all that traumatic as some of us can attest. What is more significant is the respect you have engendered among your colleagues world-wide through your outstanding research and your amazing dedication to serving the science community. We all wish you the best personally and professionally for many, many more years to come.
Moskalenko, Igor Stanford U. & KIPAC Dear Roger,

Congratulations with your 60th birthday! It is remarkable to see how much your have done! I wish you very enjoyable and fruitful coming years!

All the best,
De Young, David NOAO Dear Roger;

Congratulations on all your notable achievements, and many thanks for all your service to astronomy and astrophysics. I am sorry I will be unable to attend, but I send my best wishes for a marvelous birthday celebration and symposium.

Best regards,
Bloom, Elliott KIPAC/SLAC/Stanford University Hi Roger,

Time flies when your having a good time. It is very nice to be able to say that one has used that time wisely and very productively. You are someone who can certainly take credit in that. Thanks so much for your leadership at KIPAC and the great environment for creative scholarship that you have been essential in creating here. This is an exciting and fun place to work at!

Happy Birthday,

PS: Unfortunately, I have a long standing commitement made well before I knew the date of your Fest. Thus I will unfortunately not be able to attend your celebration.
Loew, Gregory SLAC Dear Roger,

Congratulations on your 60th birthday! I didn't know you were so young, just a spring chicken! You have already made a lasting contribution to the lab through your science, your cheerful presence, and your unique strong voice! Maybe you also have a future at the San Francisco Opera! All the best!
Shapero, Donald National Research Council Dear Roger,

Happy Birthday! And many more. And many thanks for the endless hours you have put in at the NRC advancing astronomy and astrophysics, especially as our maximum leader of Astro2010.

Lasota, Jean-Pierre IAP and OAUJ Dear Roger,

Unfortunately I will not be able come to your birthday (is it really the 60th? Incredible!) celebration. I have always enjoyed interacting with you. It has been always inspiring. I also have excellent memories from our black-hole programme in Santa Barbara - more than 10 years ago. All the best wishes. I am not saying "Adios", but "see you again soon".

Guhathakurta, Raja UCO/Lick Obs, UCSC Congratulations Roger, and happy 60th birthday!
Scargle, Jeff NASA Ames Research Center Roger …

I am constantly amazed by how brilliant your talks are, and by the way you have made KIPAC truly and hugely successful. Congratulations on all this, and reaching ... well, let's not talk about age. Oh, and your research is OK too.

Warmest best wishes,
Dennis, Shirley D. H. Caltech Dear Roger,

Congratulations to you on the recognition of your outstanding career accomplishments. And, wow! Happy 60th birthday wishes—you wear it so modestly. I’m sure the day will be marvelous and memorable—I’m sorry that we won’t be able to attend. Nevertheless, best wishes and continued success.

Shirley D.
Aharonian, Felix DIAS/Dublin & MPIK/Heidelberg Dear Roger,

congratulations and my best wishes for continuation of your remarkable contributions to different branches of astrophysics for the next (at least two) decades! Unfortunately I am not able, because of different commitments, to attend the Symposium which I am sure will be a very exciting and memorable event for your friends and colleagues.

all the best,
Gabuzda, Denise University College Cork Dear Roger,

My apologies for not being able to attend your birthday symposium, due to teaching commitments. I would very much like to. Rest assured that you have my very best warm wishes for your 60th birthday, and for plentious enjoyment of your various pursuits throughout the rest of your hopefully many years to come! I hope to interact with you often and fruitfully as we cross paths at various meetings in the future. Many thanks to you for your engaging interest in fundamental problems connected with AGN and jets, your fresh approach - and for helping to keep the rest of us on our toes! For our part, we'll do our best to keep coming up with sufficiently strange and intriguing observations to keep your interest!

With warmest regards,
Hartmann, Lee University of Michigan The ghost of George Ellery Hale and I wish you good health and long life.
Cohen, Judy California Institute of Technology So sorry I can't be there to help you celebrate. Our collaboration on faint galaxies right after Keck got going was a great one, many of our results were right on, and later papers just shine then up a bit with more data, but we were right then more than 10 years ago. I had a blast doing it, and working with you was a great privilege, I learned a lot. Take care, and hopefully one of these days I'll make it to Stanford to visit.
Haynes, Martha Cornell U. I'm really sorry not to be able to come to the RogerFest and I presume you understand that another trip is not in the cards... so just assume I'll be at home working on some Astro2010 assignment... Will toast a glass of Italian sparkling wine in your direction at the appropriate moment. And, most seriously, Roger: thanks for all you do for the astronomical community. Best wishes, Martha
Helfand, David J. Columbia University/Quest University Canada Roger,

sharing an office with you in Cambridge was a productive, stimulating, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Sitting on NASA committees with you was somewhat less so (albeit through no fault of yours).

Happy Birthday.
Kniffen, Don Universiies Space Research Association Roger,

It will be so great to share this birthday celebration with you. Your intellectual insights are such a wonderful gift and inspiration to all of us who are blessed to have known you. I look forward to more of the same in the years ahead.

Happy birthday!
Ritz, Steve UCSC Dear Roger, Congratulations, and best wishes for a thoroughly enjoyable symposium. You continue to inspire us, and it is a pleasure working with you. You have been pivotal in a wide range of great endeavors, including Fermi. THANK YOU and, of course, Happy Birthday! All the best, Steve
Znajek, Roman Glisson Printers Limited! Congratulations! Many happy returns! Roman
Burbidge, Geoffrey UCSD Dear Roger,

I am sorry I can't come to Stanford this week; I would very much like to do it. As you have probably heard I've been having various troubles with my legs and I've been in the hospital and recovery places these last few weeks. This last one is very close to where we live in La Jolla. I hope that in a few more days they will let me out and I will be able to go home which is only five minutes from here. Anyway, sorry about all this; have a good time and I shall eventually reappear.

Take care,
Li, Hui LANL Dear Roger,

Thank you very much for your kind invitation to your birthday celebration. I am sorry that I won't be able to attend this special event due to other constraints. I am especially thankful for all your support and guidance you have given us throughout years on understanding astrophysical jets and magnetic fields. It seems that every "new" idea I thought of is already contained in all your papers on these subjects. I hope to continue learning from you in the many years to come. Happy Birthday and best wishes!

-- Hui
Vandenbroucke, Justin Stanford / KIPAC Hi Roger,

I only joined KIPAC a few weeks ago, but I'm really looking forward to the next few years here. I can already see it is a stimulating and exciting place to work, full of people who are brilliant as well as fun and kind. Thank you for your leadership in making it so.

best birthday wishes!
Connolly, Andrew University of Washington Dear Roger

Congratulations and happy birthday. I'm sorry I cant attend the celebration - you have been a long time inspiration showing how a scientist can be very creative while maintaining a very broad view on science.

All the best,
Blaes, Omer University of California, Santa Barbara Happy 60th Birthday, Roger!!!

I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the festivities, but I hope it's a great symposium. You had a huge, positive impact on my career, and I will be forever grateful to you for that.

Kamionkowski, Marc Caltech Dear Roger,

I regret that I will be unable to join you at your Festschrift this weekend. I would, however, like to wish you a very happy birthday. I wish to tell you that I very greatly enjoyed the time we overlapped at Caltech (indeed, you were one of the main attractions when I decided to come!). I learned a tremendous amount of astrophysics interacting and talking with you at journal clubs, seminars, dinners, etc., and I enjoyed working together on the projects that we collaborated on. You have furthermore been (and continue to be, albeit from a position of reduced physical proximity) a roll model and inspiration in terms of your science, your seriousness of purpose, your concern for the people you work with, your disarming humor and wit, your dedication as a mentor, and your unmatched record of service to the astronomical community. Congratulations on your 60th birthday, and best wishes for the coming decades! Marc
Moloney, Michael National Academies So glad I could be here for this celebration. Working with you for the last year has been fun and I know the next year will be likewise. Thanks and happy birthday.
Formichelli, Jennifer Boston University To Roger,

who always has 2 of the latest electronic devices and yet never seems to know how to use any. To Roger, the only man I know who always done eight things at once without getting flushed, flumaxed or confused. To Roger, who has always read all the latest novels and a few more than anyone else, and who, I think, secretly controls the Booker Prize. To Roger, who loves dogs, cats and children, and treats the race of men with an equanimity and hospitality rarely seen since the nineteenth century. To Roger, who is equally serious and humorous. To Roger, who is generous, pleasant and who cannot hold a grudge. To Roger, to whom everything seems effortless. To Roger, who perhaps _is_ the High Energy Universe.

To dear Roger, who is a good scientist, a good friend, and a good man. I'd venture to believe on your account that three goods make a great; and, I'd venture to think also, that, as Tennyson wrote, old friends outbetter all the rest. I'll look forward to raising a glass to you when you next visit Harvard.

Happy Birthday!
Hogg, David W. New York University Roger,

Thanks for the mentoring and advising, which has continued to benefit me my whole scientific life. And thanks for being my friend, which has been straight-up wonderful.

Milosavljevic, Milos The University of Texas at Austin Dear Roger,

Thank you for everything: the vision-setting science, your kindest and continuous encouragement and support, your national leadership, and the unemulable bicoastal 16-hour workdays. You have been my model and inspiration ever since I landed at Caltech; I know many, many others who could say the same. I am sad that I could not come to the celebration, but what a festive occasion this was!

Happy Birthday!
Laing, Robert ESO Dear Roger

A belated but heartfelt "Happy Birthday". I was sorry to miss the RogerFest, and hope to see you again in the not too distant future. You have been an inspiration to all of us working in jet physics. I am sure that the ghost of Peter Scheuer would add his regards. All the best Robert