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31st SLAC Summer Institute:
Cosmic Connections

The physics of the very large and the very small share deep connections. Particles and the forces that govern them have shaped the evolution and present state of the universe. Cosmological questions such as what is the dark matter, what is the underlying mechanism responsible for electroweak baryogenesis, and is spacetime extra dimensional can be studied directly at laboratories. A revolution in experimental cosmology has changed our picture of the universe in the last decade, and is sharpening important questions in particle physics.

The 2003 SLAC Summer Institute will explore these cosmological connections in a manner which is accessible to an audience with a particle physics background. Lectures will cover the basic principles of astrophysics and cosmology, including the cosmic microwave background, inflation, dark matter candidates and searches, the structure formation of the universe, and high energy cosmic rays. The school will be followed by a two-and-a-half day topical conference that surveys the latest results in particle astrophysics, cosmology, and high energy physics.

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