SSI2004 Proceedings


2004 SLAC Summer Institute:
Nature's Greatest Puzzles

Exploring the fundamental nature of matter, space, time, and energy has never been so exciting. There are profound mysteries to investigate, such as realizing Einstein's dream to unify the forces, detecting and producing the dark matter particle, understanding the birth of the universe, completing the list of nature's basic building blocks and symmetries, unraveling the nature of neutrinos, and solving the riddle of cosmic acceleration and dark energy. The solutions to these puzzles promise great discoveries on the horizon. Realizing these discovery opportunities will require both accelerators and telescopes working in tandem.

The 2004 SLAC Summer Institute will examine these questions and the tools with which they shall be addressed. Each day will focus on a specific topic, with lectures in the morning. The afternoons will contain topical talks on current research related to the day's subject as well as discussion sessions. Ten outstanding questions will be covered during the course of the 2-week school.

Videos of the talks are now available, and are linked to each speaker's index page.  Follow the program link off the navigation bar on the left to go to the schedule of the lectures, and then navigate to the specific lecture you'd like to view.