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Payment Options

Although payment will be accepted on-site, advance payment for registration and dinner fees is strongly encouraged and will save you time at registration on the first day of the conference. You may pay by check, cash, or credit card at the on-site registration desk.

Credit Card

We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards only. Please use our secure online payment form to prepay your registration and buy dinner tickets. To only buy dinner tickets, please go to our Dinner Payment Form.

If the name on the credit card is different than the participant’s name, please indicate that in our payment form or email Thanh Ly with the information.

Some participants with a billing address outside the United States have had difficulty with verification step. If you have difficulty completing credit card transaction with a Non-US billing address, you can fill out the manual credit card authorization form.

At the on-site registration, PROOF OF PRIOR PAYMENT or payment of registration fees will be required, so please print the receipt of the credit card payment and present during registration.

Check or Money Order

Personal, institutional, and traveler’s checks and money orders must be drawn, in US dollars, on a US bank and made payable to Stanford University.

Please print and fill out a copy of the Payment by Check: Order Form for each participant, and send the form and the check to:

Thanh Ly - SSI Coordinator
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
2575 Sand Hill Road, Mail Stop 58
Menlo Park, CA 94025

STAP Funds (SLAC participants only)

Please print out and fill out a copy of the Registration Transfer Request form (Excel Spreadsheet) to pay the SSI registration fee. This form can be used for SLAC department funds and STAP funds. Fill in your name and the account number to charge or note that you are using STAP funds. Once you have obtained the appropriate signatures, send this form to:

Lauren Barbieri
Human Resources Department
Mail Stop 11

STAP Funds may only be used to pay for Registration only. Dinners must be paid using another payment method.

Stanford Account (Stanford University particants only)

If you want to pay your registration fee from your Stanford University Account, please provide SU account number and approver's name.

Stanford Accounts may only be used to pay for Registration only. Dinners must be paid using another payment method.