Welcome to XXXVI SSI 2008

Aug 4th - Aug 15, 2008
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Menlo Park, California

Morning lectures will focus on the physics of nature's cosmic accelerators, such as black holes, neutron stars and giant shock waves, and the high energy particles they create. In the afternoons, topical conference talks will alternate with discussion sessions, tours, and social events.

School Lectures:

Lecture Speaker
The High Energy Universe Jonathan Ormes (University of Denver)
Man-made Accelerators Ron Ruth (SLAC)
Fundamental Processes Vahe Petrosian (KIPAC, Stanford University)
Acceleration Mechanisms Luke Drury (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Acceleration in Pulsars Roger Romani (KIPAC, Stanford University)
X-ray Observations of Cosmic Accelerators Greg Madejski (SLAC/KIPAC, Stanford University)
Cosmic Ray Propagation Igor Moskalenko (KIPAC, Stanford University)
Supernova Remnants Stephen Reynolds (North Carolina State University)
Black Holes Jonathan MCKinney (KIPAC, Stanford University)
UHE Cosmic Ray Air Showers Angela Olinto (University of Chicago)
Acceleration in Active Galactic Nuclei Roger Blandford (SLAC/KIPAC, Stanford University)
High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos David Saltzberg (UCLA)
Gamma Ray Observations of Cosmic Accelerators Olaf Reimer (KIPAC, Stanford University)
Acceleration in Large Scale Shocks Eli Waxman (Weizman Institute)
Space-based X-ray/Gamma Ray Instruments Josh Grindlay (Harvard University)
Gamma-Ray Bursts Eli Waxman (Weizman Institute)
Exotic Acceleration Mechanisms Mark Trodden (Syracuse University)
Ground-based VHE Gamma Ray Instruments Stefan Funk (SLAC/KIPAC, Stanford University)
Closing Remarks Simon Swordy (University of Chicago)
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