SLAC Tours

Tours of SLAC will be given Thursday, August 6th, at 2:00pm. Tours meet promptly at 1:45pm in the auditorium breezeway. Interested SSI participants will have the opportunity to sign up for the tours in the auditorium lobby.

Klystron Gallery

Klystrons as far as the eye can see generate the microwaves which power the SLAC linac. A stop at the Visitor’s Gallery along the two mile accelerator, shows the critical linac components, explains their workings, and provides a spectacular visual experience. A “must-see” at SLAC.


The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, a division of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is operated by Stanford University for the Department of Energy. SSRL is a National User Facility which provides synchrotron radiation, for a wide variety of experiments. These extremely bright x-rays can be used to investigate various forms of matter ranging from objects of atomic and molecular size to man-made materials with unusual properties. The obtained information and knowledge obtained is of great value to society, with impact in areas such as the environment, future technologies, health, and national security.