U.S. Department of Energy SSI 2011 - SLAC Summer Institute - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SSI 2011 - History of the Universe

XXXIX SLAC Summer Institute

July 25th– August 5th, 2011
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, California

We have much knowledge about the evolution and present state of our Universe, yet many mysteries remain. From inflation to baryogenesis to dark energy, the Institute will explore the various epochs responsible for the development of the Universe, the particles and forces that shaped it, and the experimental methods we use to explore it.

Material will be presented in a manner which is accessible to an audience with a particle physics background. Mornings will consist of lectures and in the afternoons, topical conference talks will alternate with discussion sessions, tours, and social events.

Note: All talks will be held in Kavli Auditorium (Building 51). SSI badges required. All discussion sessions will be held in the Redwood Rooms (C&D) in the Research Office Building (R.O.B.) - Building 48.

Registration will be limited to 150 participants. Registration is not considered complete unless payment is received.


Early registration extended to 7/1/2011. Late registration begins 7/2/2011.