U.S. Department of Energy SSI 2011 - SLAC Summer Institute - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Lectures & Speakers

Lecture Speaker
Introduction to the Universe Keith Olive (Minnesota)
Basics of Inflation Andrei Linde (Stanford)
Evidence for Inflation Chao Lin Kuo (SLAC/Stanford)
Searches for Anti-Matter TBA
Baryogenesis/Leptogenesis David Morrissey (TRIUMF)
EWSB and the Hierarchy Problem Marcela Carena (FNAL)
CP Violation in the Quark Sector David MacFarlane (SLAC)
The Hunt for the Higgs and Dark Matter Andrew Haas (SLAC)
Evidence for Dark Matter and its Indirect Detection Simona Murgia (SLAC)
Dark Matter Candidates Tim Tait (UC Irvine)
Direct Detection of Dark Matter Blas Cabrera (Stanford)
Neutrino Cosmology Steen Hannestad (Aarhus Universitet)
Neutrino Oscillations Janet Conrad (MIT)
Accelerator Mechanisms Don Ellison (North Carolina State)
Observations of Cosmic Rays Werner Hofmann (Heidelberg, MPI)
Sources of Gravity Waves Peter Shawhan (Maryland)
Interferometry Mark Kasevich (Stanford)
Observational Cosmology Joshua Frieman (Chicago/FNAL)
Discovery of Dark Energy Saul Perlmutter (LBNL/Berkeley)
Dark Energy with Structure Steve Allen (SLAC/Stanford)
Summary of the Universe Shamit Kachru (SLAC/Stanford)