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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


Lecture Speaker Institution
Historical Perspective Chris Quigg Fermilab
EWSB Basics (Lecture 1) (Lecture 2) Howard Haber UCSC
Hadron Collider Environment Chris Tully Princeton
Heavy Flavor Results from LHC Niels Tuning NIKHEF
New Results from BaBar Bertrand Echenard CalTech
Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with EXO-200 Michelle Dolinski Stanford
Neutrino Mixing Angle Theta13 Daniel Dwyer LBNL
Statistics for Discovery Eilam Gross Weizmann Institute
LHC: The Detectors Chris Tully Princeton
Precision Higgs Theory Frank Petriello Northwestern/ANL
Higgs Searches (Lecture 1) (Lecture 2) (Lecture 3) Vivek Sharma UCSD
Higher Order QCD for LHC Zvi Bern UCLA
Higgs Search at Tevatron Kyle Knoepfel FNAL
Higgs Search at ATLAS Sau Lan Wu Wisconsin
Higgs Search at CMS Daniela Bortoletto Purdue
LHC: The Machine Frank Zimmermann CERN
BSM Higgs Theory Marcela Carena Fermilab
40th Anniversary of SSI Fred Gilman CMU
How the SSI Began David Leith SLAC
40 Years of QCD Lance Dixon SLAC
40 Years of the Higgs Boson Michael Peskin SLAC
The Precision EW Measurements Morris Swartz Johns Hopkins
12 Best Reasons to Like CP Violation Yossi Nir Weizmann Institute
Supersymmetry Basics (Lecture 1) (Lecture 2) JoAnne Hewett SLAC
Supersymmetry Searches (Lecture 1) (Lecture 2) Pascal Pralavorio CPPM
The Dark Matter Zoo Dan Hooper Fermilab
Standard Model Measurements at LHC Tom LeCompte ANL
Beyond Standard Model Searches at LHC Ulrich Heintz Brown
Dark Photon Matt Graham SLAC
Photon Lines from the Galactic Center As Signals of Dark Matter Annihilation Tim Tait UC Irvine
Dark Matter Indirect Detection Dan Hooper Fermilab
The BSM Zoo Tom Rizzo SLAC
Implications of Higgs Searches and Discovery (Lecture 1) (Lecture 2) Michele Papucci UC Berkeley and LBNL
Dark Matter Direct Detection Juan Collar University of Chicago
Dark Matter Search with CDMS Tarek Saab University of Florida
Dark Matter Search with XENON Ranny Budnik Columbia
New Results from Fermi Eric Charles SLAC
LHC Detector Upgrades Su Dong SLAC
Dark Matter Properties from LHC Patrick Fox Fermilab
Vector Boson Scattering Dieter Zeppenfeld Karlsruhe
Higgs at a Linear Collider Tim Barklow SLAC
The View Ahead Joe Lykken Fermilab