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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Poster Session

All participants are encouraged to present their own research at one of three poster sessions during the Institute. Topics for these sessions are not limited to the theme of the Institute. Participants interested in submitting a poster should select this option on the registration page and will then be sent a link to the poster submission form. Poster submissions are due by Friday, July 6, 2012.

General Instructions

In a poster session there is no oral presentation of paper as in a conventional paper session. Instead, each author will be assigned one 76 cm x 101 cm (30” x 40”) black foam board on which diagrams, graphs, data, picture, and small amount of text may be mounted. The form board will be mounted on an easel. Each author will be expected to remain with his/her poster presentation throughout the 60-minute poster session.

Poster Guidelines
  • DO use large, easy-to-read letters
  • DO include a heading title, with Author(s) and Institution(s)
  • DO include a brief abstract
  • DO include clear figures and tables
  • DO NOT simply post up typed pages from your paper
  • DO NOT clutter poster with details
  • Posters should be self-explanatory
Poster Area Description

Your poster materials will be displayed on an 76 cm x 101 cm (30” x 40”) black foam board. You will be provided with tape or thumbtacks to mount your papers to the board. No audiovisual equipment will be supplied. It is suggested that poster authors make preprints of their papers available to participants.


The poster should be readable from a distance of a least 1.5 m (5 feet). Suggested sizes include: minimum graph size 25 cm (10”), section heading letter 1 cm (1/3”), and text and figure lettering not less than 0.5 cm (1/8”)