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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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Local Airports
Ground Transportation

From San Francisco Airport:

From San Jose Airport:

Car Rental:

(800) 831-2847

(800) 527-0700

360 Oak Road, Stanford, CA 94305, (650) 833-8060

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is located on campus and offers a free pick-up service from the Stanford Guest House lobby. Guests can take advantage of discounted rates by mentioning the Stanford Guest House.

(800) 654-3131

(800) 227-7368

(800) 847-4389

Stanford Zipcar*
(866) 494-7227
*Stanford Zipcar offers hourly rentals using vehicles located on campus

Caltrain (800) 660-4287 Caltrain runs between San Francisco and San Jose, with limited service to Gilroy. The Marguerite campus shuttle provides service to the Palo Alto and California Avenue Caltrain stations. For travel to SFO International Airport, take Caltrain towards San Francisco, transfer at the Milbrae station to BART-SFO shuttle.

For BART information, call: (650) 992-2278

Marguerite Shuttle (Free shuttle around Stanford) SLAC schedule