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Lectures and Q&A Sessions

Q&A Session
During the main lectures, we generally try to minimize interruptions from questions only interest a small fraction of the audience and ensure the lectures end on time. Instead, two afternoons of each week will have dedicated Q&A sessions where lecturers will answer questions about the lectures. The questions can be submitted online in advance using the link to Google Doc form below, or raised during Q&A session live. The questions submitted online can be anonymous, as that has been a popular form of entry.
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Lecture Speaker Institution
Dark Matter and why we believe in it? Douglas Finkbeiner Harvard University
Cosmology Basics Scott Dodelson Fermilab
Particle Dark Matter Kathryn Zurek University of Michigan
Search for Dark Matter at the LHC Daniel Whiteson UC Irvine
Structure Formation Tom Abel SLAC
Astrophysical Constraints on Dark Matter Louis Strigari Indiana University
Direct Detection of Dark Matter: Overview/Noble Liquids Daniel Akerib Case Western Reserve University
Direct Detection of Dark Matter: Low Background Techniques/Solid State Priscilla Cushman University of Minnesota
Lensing Constraints on Dark Matter Simona Vegetti MPA Garching
Indirect Detection of Dark Matter Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins Caltech
Dark Matter in the CMB Tracy Slatyer MIT
Dark Matter in the Milky Way Jo Bovy Institute for Advanced Studies
Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters Marusa Bradac UC Davis
Axions: Theory Michael Dine UC Santa Cruz
Axions: Experiments Leslie Rosenberg University of Washington
Dark Sectors Natalia Toro Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Dark Photon Searches Matt Graham SLAC
Complementarity of Dark Matter Tim Tait UC Irvine
The View Ahead Neal Weiner New York University