U.S. Department of Energy Graphic: SSI 2015
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


General Information

The SSI has a long tradition of a single question contest that challeges the wit of the participants. The contributions are collected by paper entries where you can write and draw. It is limited to a few paragraphs. Enter your entry in the pink question box outside the Kavli Auditorium before 6pm on Thursday Aug/20. Winner will be announced on Friday morning (Aug/21). Winnder and runners-up will receive a prize. Some introduction and a winning example can be seen from e.g. the 2012 SSI contest.  
SSI-2015 Contest Question

Given the existing and planned facilities to study them, what are we NOT doing that we should be to understand neutrinos better?


Place your answers in the big box by 5pm Aug. 20th and a winner will be chosen during the last nights dinner (after dinner wine)..the winner gets a bottle of fine CA bubbly signed by Nobel Prize winner Burton Richter on the last day.