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SSRL UOEC Ballot Form

Select candidate(s) in the following categories to serve on the Users Executive Committee (UEC). UEC members generally serve 3 years terms with a staggered rotation, so the disciplines needing candidates varies with each election. Enter your email address, and click on the "Submit Vote" button to record your votes.

Bio Spectroscopy/Bio SAXS
Timothy Stemmler, PhD , Wayne State University View Biography
Monica Barney, PhD , Chevron Energy Technology Co View Biography
Suhas Kumar , Hewlett Packard Enterprise View Biography
Graduate Student
Natalie Geise , Stanford University View Biography
Andrew Riscoe , Stanford University View Biography
Kelly Lynn Summers , University of Saskatchewan View Biography
Nathan Lavey , University of Oklahoma View Biography
Macromolecular Crystallography
Henry (Pete) La Pierre , Georgia Institute of Technology View Biography
Graham George, PhD , University of Saskatchewan View Biography
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