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The meeting Chairs, Elliott Bloom and Louis Lyons, would like to thank the many people who have made this conference possible.

To name just a few:

The poster was designed by Greg Stewart and the design and implementation of the website was done by Chip Dalby both from SLAC publications. We thank the administrative team at KIPAC and SLAC, Ziba Mahdavi, Martha Siegel, and Kathy Webb for their hard work. We would like to thank Gita Viswanaathan for her work on the web site and registration reporting. We particularly thank Suzanne Bennett the Stanford Event Coordinator, and a recent addition to the local organizing committee, for taking over many of the administrative tasks relatively late in the preparations for the meeting and getting it all done, and in such an enthusiastic manner. In addition, the meeting Chairs would like to thank the other members of the local organizing committee, Michael Bogan, James Chiang, and Jeff Scargle for their extended hard work and very creative efforts in putting together this exciting meeting.