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Invited Speakers Talk Titles
Brad Efron Model selection, estimation, and bootstrap smoothing
Richard Lockhart Response to Particle Physics Talks
John Rice Response to Astrophysics talks
Victor Panaretos Looking Elsewhere and Looking Everywhere
Philip Stark Confidence limits
Wolfgang Rolke Report on Madrid meeting on "The Controversy about Hypothesis Testing
Roberto Trotta Dogs, non-dogs and statistics: (Bayesian) searches in cosmology
Jan Conrad Statistical issues in astrophysical searches for dark matter
George Djorgovski Some Discovery and Classification Challenges in the Exploration of Massive Data Sets and Data Streams
Kyle Cranmer Recent developments and current challenges in statistics for particle physics
Luc Demortier The parametric bootstrap and particle physics
Tom Junk Practical Issues in Statistical Interpretation of Tevatron Data
Stefano Marchesini Inverse problems in X-ray scattering
Anton Barty Molecular structure from protein soup: assembling 3-D images of weakly scattering objects
Roger Blandford From the Big Bang to Big Data
Rebecca Willett Response to Photon Science