Workshop on Topologies for Early LHC Searches
Workshop on Topologies for
Early LHC Searches
September 22-25, 2010
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, California

The Workshop on Topologies for Early LHC Searches is an outgrowth of the "Characterization of New Physics at the LHC" meeting held on June 4th, 2010 at CERN.

This joint ATLAS, CMS, and Theory meeting was dedicated to exploring the issues and tools necessary for performing effective searches and characterizing signals of new physics. One outcome of the June LHC workshop at CERN was a request to the theory community to help develop a list of topologies representative of new physics that could appear at the LHC. This list will be used to ensure that searches explore all relevant phase space, and to facilitate more effective communication of results from the LHC. The key challenges are identifying a representative collection of topologies and optimally parametrizing their phase space. The LHC experiments intend to use this list and parametrization to maximize the utility of each measurement and enhance the lasting value to the physics community.

The aim of this workshop is to advance the development of such a list, and build consensus among particle theorists. The workshop will be divided into working groups, organized around different search signatures (e.g. hadronic jets+MET, same-sign dilepton). Each group will be tasked with identifying important topologies that could be observed in that signature, parametrizing their phase space and specifying relevant discriminating variables. These working groups will ultimately compile their findings in a draft document that will be presented at the November 2010 CERN meeting on Characterization of New Physics.

Organizing Committee:

  • Rouven Essig (SLAC)
  • Mariangela Lisanti
  • Philip Schuster
  • Natalia Toro
  • Jay Wacker
  • Tim Tait (UCI)
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