Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time Event Talk Chair/Speaker Duration Talk
17:00 Welcome / Registration Reception/Registration - Kavli Auditorium patio Mike Stanek  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Time Event Talk Chair/Speaker Duration Talk
8:00 Workshop Registration Register for WAO2012, pickup WAO information package  
8:30 WAO Introduction Welcome, Present Agenda, Introductions, WAO Statistics Stanek/Morel 40 mins pptpdf
9:10 WAO Historical Talk How WAO got started Ron Lauze 20 mins pptposter
9:30 How We Do Business Jim Morel 30 mins  
Operations of the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory Andreas Stolz  pdf
Introduction to TRIUMF Eric Chapman pptposter
Operations at the Spallation Neutron Source Glen Johns PPTposter
    The Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Centre Rainer Cee   ppt
    Operations Tandem ALPI PIAVE of LNL Accelerators Davide Carlucci   pptpdf
10:00 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
10:30 Operator Development Violeta Toma 120 mins  
From US Navy Mate to Division Leader for Accelerator Operations – Requirements, Development and Care Thomas Spickermann pptposter
Operator Development - Nature & Nurture Isadora Carlino pptposter
The Operations Group at BEPCII Jun Xing pptposter
The Skill Management for an accelerator facility by adapting experience of aircraft maintenance. Hiromi Inokuchi pptposter
Training Advanced Photon Source Operators: From the Street to the MCR Joseph Sutton pptposter
Operator Training at the Advanced Light Source Rick Bloemhard pptposter
12:30 Lunch 60 mins  
13:30 Safety and Regulation Peter Igrassia 90 mins  
IEC61508 at ISIS Bob Mannix PPTposter
Guaranteeing the Safe Injection of Electrons into the Storage Ring with the Master Shutters Enabled Don McGilvery PPTposter
Electronic Form for Management of Work on Radiation Safety Configuration Controlled Items at SLAC Zoe Van Hoover PPTposter
Regulatory Experience and Developments Related to Accelerator Isotope Production Abdul Alwani pptposter
15:00 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
15:30 When Disaster Strikes Noel Okay 120 mins  
How J-PARC recovered from the big earth quake Fujio Naito PPTposter
RIKEN Nishina Center’s Response to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Tadashi Fujinawa PPTposter
Tested by Fire – How recent Wildfires affected Accelerator Operations at LANL Thomas Spickermann PPTposter
How we managed Cern's most important power cut. Jesper Nielsen PPTposter
Hurricane Isabel's Impact on Jefferson Lab Yan Wang PPTposter
18:00 IPC Working Meeting WAO International Program Committee (IPC) working meeting IPC 60 mins  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Time Event Talk Chair/Speaker Duration Talk
8:00 Workshop Open  
8:15 Tuesday Opening Remarks Stanek/Morel 15 mins  
8:30 Adapting to Change Peter Ingrassia 90 mins  
DESY: From High Energy Physics to Synchrotron Radiation Michael Bieler PPTposter
Reorganizations, Program Changes and Reduced Funding Dan Johnson pptposter
Adapting to Changes at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Roger Erickson poster
Operational Demands of REA3 at NSCL Jon Bonofiglio pptposter
10:00 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
10:30 Diagnostics Kazuro Furukawa 90 mins  
Promethean Exchange: Bringing Expert Tools & Diagnostic Experience to Operations Michael McCaughan PPTposter
The role of CERN PS complex operation teams in the development of diagnostics applications Marc Delrieux PPTposter
Diagnostic tool development by Operations group Yi Chih Liu pptposter
Tuning Techniques and Operator Diagnostics for FACET at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Christopher Melton pptposter
12:00 Lunch 60 mins  
13:00 Automation Dan Johnson 90 mins  
Automation at the CERN SPS and LHC accelerators. Good or bad for operator skills? Guy Crockford pptposter
Automation of Operations at Fermilab Duane Newhart pptposter
Operator vs Automation, can a balance be achieved? Navid Radnia pptposter
BNL Collider-Accelerator Automation Impact on Operations Christopher Zimmer PPTposter
14:30 Break Coffee and snacks  
15:00 Tour SLAC 120 mins  
18:30 Banquet at Quadrus 360 mins  
20:00 Global Warming: the human component deciphered Dr. Richard Muller 45 mins  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time Event Talk Chair/Speaker Duration Talk
8:00 Workshop Open  
8:15 Wednsday Opening Remarks Stanek/Morel 15 mins  
8:30 How We Do Business Jim Morel 30 mins  
Operation statistics and stability of SSRF Wenzhi Zhang PPTpdr
ISIS - Continued Operations 1984 – 2012 and beyond Alan Stevens pptpdr
Commissioning Results & First Operation at ALBA Synchrotron Light Source Montserrat Pont pptpdr
9:00 High Power Beams Petra Schuett 75 mins  
Machine Protection: A dominant issue in the LHC operation Rossano Giachino pptpdr
Tuning an Accelerator for 1 MW Charles Peters ppt pdr
Benefits of Beam Development Shifts Eric Chapman pptpdr
10:15 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
10:45 Superconductivity Rossano Giachino 90 mins  
Superconductivity in the BEPCII Qing Qin pptpdr
Experience with Cryogenic Operations During the FermiLab Collider Program Stanley Johnson pptpdr
Operation of the LHC cryogenic system and interface with beam and machine operation. Serge Claudet pptpdr
12:15 Lunch 60 mins  
13:15 X-Ray FEL Operation Mike Stanek 45 mins  
FLASH Operation at DESY Michael Bieler pptpdr
Optimizing X-ray FEL performance for LCLS at SLAC Sean Kalsi pptpdr
14:00 Rules vs Creativity Open Discussion Session Michael Bieler 45 mins  
14:45 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
15:15 Poster Session Eiichi Takada 60 mins  
Standards-Based Operation of a Nuclear Physics User Facility Andreas Stolz
Web service data interface to accelerator control signal data Wan Tianmin
Overview of the Magnet Activities at HIT Rainer Cee pdr
Development achieved by SOLEIL operation group and main results of the operation of the installation Xavier Deletoille
LCLS Availability at SLAC William Colocho
Operation management of S3HC (superconducting RF cavity)@Elettra Pietro Zupancich
Installation of compact injector at HIMAC Toshinobu Sasano
On reducing water-related troubles at HIMAC Shunsuke Saito
How TSL has scaled down and streamlined Mikael Pettersson
Are you customer focused? – User specified Control System Modifications for the Argonne Tandem LINAC Accelerator System (ATLAS) Maria Power
Recovering CYRIC from the Great East Japan Earthquake Takashi Wakui
Paths to an All Digital Control Room Michael Costanzo
    DARHT Accelerator Operations at LANL

Edward Jacquez

    Operational Disasters at ISIS Alan Stevens  
16:15 Ideal Control Room Comparision of Control Room Upgrades with Ideas For Your Next Upgrade Jim Morel 60 mins pptpdr
Open Discussion about Control Rooms  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time Event Talk Chair/Speaker Duration Talk
8:00 Workshop Open  
8:10 Thursday Opening Remarks Stanek/Morel 10 mins  
8:20 Recommission/ Decommission Violeta Toma 100 mins  
Decommissioning the Proton Hall Angela Hoiem pptpdr
Demolition of the Bevatron Jim Morel pptpdr
Recommissioning SLAC's West Linac Complex for FACET Peter Schuh pptpdr
Moving Cyclotron room from old to new location with no lost time Jozef Orzechowski ppt pdr
Recovery of the Fire Accident at PEFP Bum-Sik Park pptpdr
10:00 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
10:30 Invited Speaker Sleep, Sleep Loss, and Sleep Problems Dr. Clete Kushida 60 mins pdf
11:30 Reliability and Availability Rossano Giachino 60 mins  
Modeling SNS Availability Using BlockSim 7 Geoffrey Milanovich pptpdr
Spare Parts Inventory at NSCL Jon Bonofiglio pptpdr
Systems Reliability from Design to Implementation to Long Term Service Violeta Toma pptpdr
12:30 Lunch 60 mins  
13:30 Reliability and Availability Rossano Giachino 60 mins  
Coping with the Power Company Paul Sampson pptpdr
The Impact of a Large Scale Power Conditioning on Accelerator Operations Don McGilvery ppapdr
Five years of operation at HIT – a review emphasizing reliability issues Michael Galonska ppa pdr
14:30 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
15:00 Communication Glen Johns 120 mins  
Information And Communication In Operation At GSI Uwe Scheeler pptpdr
Communication flow at Elettra Stefano Krecic  
Electronic Logbooking at SLAC Matthew Gibbs pptpdr
TRIUMF Electronic Log Book System: Broadcasting Activities Beyond the Control Room Eric Lee ppapdr
The New Alarm Display for the RHIC Control Room Peter Ingrassia ppapdr
17:00 Open Discussion Session WAO Feedback Stanek/Morel 30 mins  
18:00 IPC Working Meeting IPC Working Meeting IPC  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Time Event Talk Chair/Speaker Duration Talk
8:00 Workshop Open  
8:15 Friday Opening Remarks Stanek/Morel 15 mins  
8:30 Clever Solutions to Small Problems Mike Stanek 90 mins  
A simple system to trigger Post Mortem Data Capture on our Beam Position Monitors Don Mcgilvery pptpdr
    Effective use of Accelerator Kazuro Furukawa   pptpdr
    Recommissioning Fermilab Martin Murphy   pptpdr
    C70 Arronax Hnads-on Phase and Operation Freddy Poirier   ppapdr
Open Discussion and Talks  
10:00 Break Coffee, snacks 30 mins  
10:30 WAO Summary Stanek/Morel 60 mins ppt pf
11:30 WAO Future Next WAO 2014 and ARW 2013 Australia Stanek/Morel 30 mins  
12:00 WAO 2012 Conclusion Stanek/Morel 30 mins  
12:30 Lunch No Lunch Provided by WAO  
13:00 LBNL Tour Optional Tour of LBNL Advanced Light Source and 88-inch Cyclotron. Sign up at WAO by Tuesday 09:00. Transportation to be arranged (carpools & SLAC vans). Jim Morel 360 mins excel