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Online versions of some of the feature presentations and videos delivered by streaming media are available through the links below. If you are unfamiliar with streaming media, see our FAQ.


The "Once" Web


The "Future" Web


Monday -- December 3, 2001


Tuesday -- December 4, 2001

     Start Time Feature Streaming Media Speaker(s)      Start Time Feature Streaming Media Speaker(s)
  10:30 am Welcome Video Jonathan Dorfan   10:00 am Welcome   Bebo White
    Remarks Video Pat Kreitz and Richard Mount   10:15 am "The Future of Web Apps and Services"   Paul Saffo
    Video Greeting: "10 Years On - SLAC Celebrates 10 Years of WWW in USA" Video Tim Berners-Lee/W3C   10:45 am "The Net Effect -Standards Come of Age" Video Simon Phipps
  11:00 am "Bringing the Web to America"


  Paul Kunz


  11:45 am "Natural Selection's Connection: Explorations of the Evolving Culture Online"   Tiffany Shlain
  12:00 noon "Origins of Web Publishing: GNN" Video Tim O'Reilly and Dale Dougherty   1:30 pm "The Once and Future Internet"   Nathaniel Borenstein
  1:45 pm "Bringing the Web to FermiLab" Video David Ritchie   2:15 pm "The Web as an Interactive Learning Environment: Bringing 'Minds-on' Interactivity to New Faces and Places" Video Robert Panoff
  2:15 pm "SPIRES and the Web" Video George Crane   4:45 pm "How the Architecture Mattered" Video Lawrence Lessig
  2:45 pm Panel: "Early HEP Web Information"

Online presentations: Liz Quigg

Video Robert Cailliau, Tony Johnson, Liz Quigg, Ruth McDunn (chair)   5:30 pm "A Symposium Retrospective"   Maya Draisin
  3:45 pm "A Brief History of Hypermedia" Video Kevin Hughes          
  4:30 pm "How the Web has Changed how HEP is Done"   Chris Quigg (with SLAC Colloquium)          
  5:15 pm SLAC Colloquium   Frances Farley          
  7:30 pm Evening Program and Banquet, Stanford Faculty Club   Robert Cailliau          

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