Extremely Large Databases Workshop

The Final Report has been published and is available for download.

A workshop focusing on practical issues related to extremely large databases that push beyond the current commercial state of the art will be held at SLAC on October 25, 2007 in the Redwood Conference Room in building 48.

Why at SLAC?
SLAC has been at the frontier of very large production databases for over a decade. The VLDB work at SLAC includes building and managing the BaBar two-petabyte database and now includes coordinating efforts related to architecting an O(100) petabyte database for the proposed world's largest astronomical survey: LSST. In addition, SLAC seems to be well positioned both from a geographical standpoint (located near Silicon Valley) and a political standpoint (as neutral ground — not attached to a particular technology, with an open-source type environment).

Registration is by invitation only. If you would like to participate in the workshop, please contact Jacek Becla.

You can reserve a room at the Stanford Guest House at the rate of $75. Mention that you are attending this workshop. Book early!
We thank our sponsors:
  • LSST Corporation
  • Yahoo!
Provided funds are used to cover lunch, coffee breaks and part of the dinner cost.