Workshop Preparation

The workshop is organized around panel discussions.

We do not expect participants to prepare any slide-presentations, with the exception of the few speakers for the "war stories" section.

All science and industrial database users:
Please be prepared to discuss topics related to complex analytics. The questions asked will surely involve:

  • kinds of complex analytics your community runs,
  • unusual solutions applied in your community to perform complex analytics,
  • major roadblocks preventing your community from running your analysis efficiently,
  • wish list of features needed from a next generation DBMS.

Compared to last year's discussions, we are planning to drill into much more detail for the most common topics and features. In particular, we expect discussed topics will include provenance, uncertainty, time series analysis, data models, interfaces, resource management, crash recovery and on-the-fly repartitioning/reconfiguration.

All others:
No preparation necessary.