XLDB 2009 Agenda

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Duration Speaker/Moderator



Friday, August 28
09:00 AM 20 mins Jacek Becla Welcome, introduction, logistics Presentation
Theme: introducing "new" communities
09:20 AM 40 mins Martin Kersten
Magdalena Balazinska
Radio astronomy Reverse panel
10:00 AM 20 mins   Coffee break
10:20 AM 60 mins Daniel Wang
Jeff Hammerbacher
Earth and environmental sciences Reverse panel
11:20 AM 60 mins Kian-Tat Lim
Bill Howe
Biology sciences Reverse panel
12:20 PM 60 mins Lunch (provided)
1:20 PM 60 mins Jacek Becla
Fabrizio Gagliardi
HEP Reverse panel
Theme: XLDB activities in Europe
02:20 PM 15 mins Astro-WISE Edwin Valentijn Presentation
02:35 PM 45 mins Martin Kersten MonetDB Presentation
03:20 PM 20 mins   Coffee break
03:40 PM 20 mins Carlos Morais-Pires Scientific Data Infrastructure: activities at European Commission Presentation
04:00 PM 20 mins Pekka Barck (Nokia) XLDB challenges in telecom Presentation
04:20 PM 40 mins Kian-Tat Lim Open mic (research/academia/industry, no vendors)
Main focus: complex analytics-related research
05:00 PM Adjourn
06:00 PM 60 mins Reception at JOLS
07:00 PM Dinner at JOLS
Saturday, August 29
Theme: review of existing XLDB solutions and needs
09:00 AM 30 mins Arie Shoshani The DOE Scientific Data Management Center experience: requirements and technologies. Presentation 20 min, discussion 10 min
09:30 AM 60 mins Stephen Brobst Map/Reduce, structured + unstructured data Moderated discussion
10:30 AM 15 mins Coffee break
10:45 AM 30 mins Kian-Tat Lim SciDB Presentation
11:15 AM 30 mins Kian-Tat Lim SciDB - questions and discussion Moderated discusion
11:45 AM 30 mins Jacek Becla Open mic (vendors):
  • Cloudera (Jeff Hammerbacher)
  • Teradata (Stephen Brobst)
  • Greenplum (Luke Lonergan)
12:15 PM 60 mins Lunch (provided)
Theme: moving forward
01:15 PM 20 mins Daniel Wang Science Benchmark Presentation
01:35 PM 40 mins Kian-Tat Lim
Daniel Wang
Jacek Becla
Science Benchmark Discussion (all)
02:15 PM 45 mins Jeff Hammerbacher
Stephen Brobst
Needs of scientific communities (beyond rdbms and arrays) Moderated discussion
03:00 PM 20 mins Coffee break
03:20 PM 30 mins   Reserved - topic tbd at the workshop  
03:50 PM 60 mins Jacek Becla Future Moderated discussion
04:50 PM 10 mins Jacek Becla Closeout
05:00 PM Adjourn